10 Best Performed social media campaigns of 2016

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2016, with its grand end, revealed that the fact how companies are struggling with each other to

host the best social media campaigns for its marketing. The digital world has taken that step where

without a social media campaign it has become difficult in the marketing world. Already with live

video actions, chat box, instant click and upload photos, there's a lot to keep up with and social

media campaigns are just another addition to the list. So, here we have sorted 10 best performed

social media campaigns of 2016 that will blow your mind, plus you might get some idea for your

campaign from them.

1. #MarchMadness by Reese:

Who loves Reese's peanut butter cupcakes? Of course, we all do. Last year, Reese in association with

NCAA came up with amazing social media campaign names #MarchMadness. The content strategy of

the campaign was marvelously. It visually showed peanut butter Reese takes on an orange

background. Clearly, it represented both March Madness and Reese. 73% of the engagement was on

facebook and twitter. Throughout the campaign, Reese shared interesting recipes and memes to

keep the traffic attracted towards it.

2. #ShareYourEars by Disney:

The ultimate fairy world of every childhood- Disney came up with a brilliant social media campaign

with Make A wish foundation named as #ShareYourEars. It was solely an awareness campaign to

raise funds for ill children. God bless Disney to think something such noble.

3. Lowes- FixinSix:


To deal with the changing minds of the customers Lowes came up with a social campaign where they

started to provide 6 seconds long video on home decoration and tips. The videos went viral in no

time as the campaign provided amazing tips and tricks to maintain your household beauty.

4. #GayTurtle by Amnesty International:

Amnesty International hosted a social media campaign to rule out the nuisance created against

homophobia. The #GayTurtle turned out to be an amazing result which revealed what people

actually think and say about being Gay.

5. Knoor- Love at first sight:


The global food brand knorr initiated their brand awareness program with #LoveAtFirstSight where

real life couple shared their stories and memories with food and romance. The campaign

emotionally connected people with knorr foods.

6. Loreal Paris- #Worthsaying

Loreal Paris who has always been known to host the title "Because, You're worth it", commenced

their social media campaign with #WorthSaying. Including a strong influencer like Jennifer Lopez was

a plus point for the brand. The hashtag was for women and women empowerment to let them talk

more about what they feel rather what they are made to feel.

7. Buzzfeed- tasty:

Often we have come across short clip videos over facebook where they taught easy cooking with

simple yet tasty recipes. Yes! Buzzfeed was behind that social media campaign which attracted as

many as 60 million facebook fans.

8. Spotify- Thanks 2016, it's being weird:

Spotify started a location oriented social media campaign especially for people who couldn't wait for

2016 to end. The best feature of this campaign was, it was location specific and revealed some

amazing stories and experiences of different people.

9. Cadbury- Eggs everywhere:

Cadbury's 6 million euros social media campaign was yet another successful attempt. The brand

emerged large double Decker sized cadbury eggs into Loch Ness. No wonder it attracted millions of eyeballs towards

the campaign.

10. WWF- Earth our UK:

Picture shows Edinburgh Castle before and during lights out as buildings across Scotland participate in WWF’s Earth Hour on March 28, 2009. More than 74 countries signed up to participate in turning off lights for 60 minutes from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening local time in an effort to raise global awareness on climate change. The campaigns goal is to get 1 billion people switching off their lights as part of a global vote against climate change.

At the end of 2016, WWF in association with TINT and exterior media hosted the biggest Earth hour f

the year. 178 different countries took part in this social media campaign.

Social media campaigns have indeed become one of the best ways to market your brand globally. A little investment and lot of turnout are what social campaigns provide.

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