10 crazy gifts you will never forget

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Gifts have a special human psychology behind it. However, not all of them are serious enough to shred few tears. Some gifts are as crazy as your bonding with them. So, here are top 10 crazy gifts ideas for your craziest bonding that you will never forget.


  1. Crazy books on survival knowledge:

What can be crazier than gifting crazy books like 101 reasons to survive zombies, or 100 ways to keep your things save from your cousins and so on. Crazy right? These books can not only strengthen your bonding with that person but will also make them giggle to heart.


  1. Creative paper magnets:

Paper magnets are other gift ideas, firstly because nowadays fewer people use paper magnets and secondly because paper magnets are available in different shapes and sizes that can definitely make you giggle.


  1. Giggling coffee mugs:

Have you seen those crazy coffee mugs in shape of a camera lens, a hand fist and a toilet pot? Even those form some crazy gift ideas. They are available in different shapes to suit all moods.


  1. Funny quote t-shirts:

Quoted t-shirts are so much in trend nowadays. They are in fashion, trendy and enough to win someone’s heart. For a crazy gift idea, try out some Funny quoted t-shirts which are enough to make you giggle.


  1. Zombie shaped table lamps:

Table lamps are an important need. Another great crazy gift idea is to gift your crazy person a zombie or ghost shaped table lamp. It is scary as well as a crazy gift idea.


  1. Batman boxer pants:

Batman prints are so much in trend. What about prints on an adult gentlemen’s boxer? Crazy enough right? So, if that person is very close to you, you can gift him some batman print boxer pants and welcome some crazy laughter.


  1. A collage of all embarrassing photos:

If that crazy gift is of your BFF, close friend, cousin or sibling, what can be better than gifting them a collage that contains all their embarrassing childhood photos? It will not only make them crazy but will also burst them into loud laughter.


  1. Crazy printed sleeping eye mask:

So does that person have some problem with too many lights? Gift them a pair of sleeping eye bags with crazy printed figures like spiders, open eyed hosts, red eyes, radium lights etc. It’s crazy and fun. Just try it out with your closest person.


  1. Big soft toys:

Even soft toys add on to crazy gift idea if you are buying them for an adult person. Fill their bed with a big, bulky and crazy teddy bear. Sound cute right? But it is equally crazy as a gift.


  1. Funky eyeglasses:

Eyeglasses are very much in vogue. From D-glasses to heart shaped glasses, it adds on an extra element to your eyes. But have you thought of gifting someone some crazy shaped eyeglasses or shades like heart glasses or cat eye glasses or mirror glasses?


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