10 online dating tips for 2017

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Over the past few years, online dating has become one of the most trending genres among the youths of the country. Different online dating websites have come up to provide you more and more options. Most of us easily get attracted to one of those ten online dating applications and make our world revolve around it. It’s a very common scenario among single people. But are we doing it the right way?

Online dating is interesting yet a risk task to do. How? Because when you date someone online, neither you know that person nor do you know anything about that person’s background. So, how to cope up with? So, here are some useful online dating tips that will help you polish your online dating skills.

  1. Choose the best dating app:

There are hundreds of online dating apps out there but not all of them are worth using. Some are even fake. So before you start you’re online dating journey, go for apps that you have heard of. Trustable online dating apps are not only safe to use but also provides better matches than the others.

  1. Use your authentic photo:

So, before you start dating remember why you are trying to date someone. Of course because you want someone stable in your life. Hence, always use your natural picture as your display photo. People nowadays use edited and modified version of their photos which later creates chaos and rejection. So, you must go for a natural one.

  1. Display correct information about yourself:

You should remember that even online dating stands on trust. Hence, whenever you create your profile, always write point to point correct information about yourself. Using incorrect information on internet to influence other people is counted under cyber crime. Hence, display only relevant correct information. This also helps the right match to find you.

  1. Fix a date whenever you find a match:

We try a number of dresses before buying one. So, why not test and try your matches? Whenever you find a good match fix a date. But remember to fix a short period date like a coffee date or breakfast date or brunch date. These meetings will help you know each other better.

  1. Safety tips while dating:

It’s good to meet up with your match and have a nice talk but safety also matters because you know least about the person you are about to meet. So, always inform somebody about your date, time and location of meeting and your tentative time for returning before you leave for your date.

  1. Dress up the way you are:

Being fake is the worst thing you will ever think of doing. While you plan your date, wear something that defines you and your personality. Don’t try to overdo or under do your personality because that will directly affect your life.

  1. Keep your options open:

It’s important to keep your options open even when you have mails waiting for you to confirm because if you close your account you will definitely have less options for yourself to choose from.

  1. Use decent language:

It’s okay to use language you are comfortable with while you are with your friends. But remember that the person you are meeting for the first time as your date is neither your friend nor somebody you know from a long time. So, use decent language that can impress the person sitting in front of you.

  1. Shop for your first date:

Always wear something new, creaseless and smart on your first date because that creates an impression on the other person.

  1. Be specific about your choices:

Online dating is a way to find somebody who can be with your life long. So, date a person but neither double date nor leave your choices to get fit into it.

So, these were some online dating tips that will definitely help you next time when you have a blind date.


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