10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Domain Authority

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Search Engine Optimisation is the most important feature to be focused on for content marketing because the better SEO you have, the better Google ranking you get. Domain authority is one of the key aspects of SEO which helps your website to generate more traffic but how to improve domain authority? Here are some simple tips to improve your domain authority.

  1. Select a good domain name:

For getting better ranking on Google Search engine, it’s important that you choose a domain name that is relevant to your website content and purpose. A good, ethical domain name helps to improve domain authority of your website.

  1. Optimize on-page content:

While SEO has become the most important aspect to take care of, it’s important that you optimize your page and all the content on your page for a better acknowledgment from the SEO team of Google. Optimizing your on-page content will helps you to improve domain authority.

  1. Link your content:

While uploading contents on your website, use linkable contents, which means to link your one article to the other one on the same website or different website that you own. This helps to drag more traffic and improve domain authority.

  1. Upload non plagiarized content:

Plagiarisms can diminish the ranking of your website. Hence, whenever you update any content on your website, make sure that they are unique and don’t content any controversial data with other website.

  1. Good readability:

For improving your domain authority, you must also focus on the readability of your contents and blogs. Blog posts with good readability will be easily detected by Google and thus will help to improve your domain authority.

  1. Remove bad links:

You must check your website periodically of any back links that might be bad or toxic to your website. This allows your website to gain domain authority and save your website from any toxic output.

  1. Always use responsive website:

Nowadays most web designers are suggesting going for responsive websites. Why? The simple reason is, today platform specific websites are no more into existence because they not only create chaos but also become costly. Hence, make sure that your website responsive so that your webiste platform is dynamic and mobile friendly to use.

  1. Gain popularity in your genre:

If you won a website, you must publicise it because without publicity you won’t be going anywhere at all. Try to become a renowned name within your own genre. That will not only help you fetch more traffic but will also improve your domain authority.

  1. Make your websites faster:

It has been studied that 47% of the visitors who visit your website leaves your website without 2 seconds if the page don’t get loaded. Hence, to create domain authority, speed up the loading speed of your web pages.

  1. Use social media platform:

Even your social media traffic is counted to improve your domain authority. Hence, make your website social media friendly and share it o social media for more people to see and thus it will improve your domain authority.


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