10 surprising stats about IPL

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“Yeh daas saal apke naam”- with this sensible quote in mind, IPL is once again back on the criz for the 10th time in India. IPL, the most crowd favourite cricket tournament that is hosted every year on the Indian cricket ground, is an incredible concept of globalization and global peace. Initially, IPL tournament was designed to unite the different countries of the world through their cricket players. Surprising, IPL was not only successful in uniting the cricket lovers all over the world but also the different state teams of India. Today, IPL stands at a place which is India’s favourite sports tournament. While, we all love to watch IPL matches, there are some surprising stats about IPL which are least known. So, here are the top 10 surprising stats about IPL:

  1. Did you know Chris Gayle was unsold initially?


Yes, this is a mere truth that in 2011 IPL auction, Chris Gayle remained unsold. But he did play for RCB right? Yes, of course he did but as a replacement for Dirk Nannes as he was injured. Sure, the IPL team owners were pretty upset on not buying Chris Gale after watching his incredible runs on the pitch.
  1. Only 2 players won the tournament thrice:

This is a true story that in 10 years of IPL journey, no team ever won the tournament more than twice. But there are two well recognised Indian cricket team players, who won thrice being the part of two different teams- Yusuf Pathan and Rohit Sharma.

  1. Chris Gayle is the ultimate champion:

Chris Gayle who was initially ruled out of the tournament unsold, later made a record of hitting more than 250 sixes in the last 10 years. He even left behind Suresh Raina who now has 60 less sixes than Chris Gayle.

  1. The incredible senior-junior combination:

During IPL, for the every first time in the history of cricket, the oldest and the youngest players played against each other in the same pitch. The oldest being Parvin Tambe and the youngest was Sarfaraz Khan.

  1. The best partners on pitch:

We all know how incredibly talented Virat Kohli is. But scoring a 50 in the last new over and winning by 39 runs is a surprising history. Virat Kohli in Partnership with AB de Villiers scored a 235 runs against Mumbai Indian, being the highest in the history of IPL.

  1. The best Captain of the entire series:

After Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni has always been the best captain of Indian Cricket team. He didn’t lose hope on IPL too. MS Dhoni alone has 80 wins on his name as a captain of both Mumbai Indian and Pune.

  1. The highest run makers:
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA – JANUARY 20: Virat Kohli of India looks on during the Victoria Bitter One Day International match between Australia and India at Manuka Oval on January 20, 2016 in Canberra, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe – CA/Cricket Australia/Getty Images)

Virat Kohli, in the last IPL session broke Suresh Raina’s record of 4098 runs in total bagging the position of highest run makers of all the nine series.

  1. The most potential players of all times:

MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle and David Warner have proved that though team spirit is very important in a game like cricket, a player along can change the entire story of the match and they did that in all these 9 completed seasons.

  1. Completed century in just 45 balls:

Yes, IPL made this possible to score a century in just 45 balls and Chris Gayle, Yusuf Pathan and David Warner are the example of such century makers.

  1. The highest wicket takers:

Malinga and David Warner are the only cricket players in IPL who took more than 25 wickets in just two IPL seasons.

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