10 things you should do before you turn 30

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Turning 30 is quite a mixed feeling age- the age when you need to grow yourself, expand your knowledge, stay confidence and win the world. But none of these are as easy as they seem to be. However, there are few things which you must do before you turn 30. Let’s list out all those incredible things that you should do before you turn 30.
1. Gain confidence to win the world:

30 is the age when you need to stop growing yourself and start expanding your knowledge and thoughts and for that you need confidence. So, before you turn 30 gain all the confidence that you need for your string future.

2. Complete all your degrees that you ever desired:

Educational degrees are very important but more important is to gain mankind degree. Not everyone who holds a degree is an educated person. The twenties is the time for you to gain all your degree and be prepared for your 30.

3. Stay fit, stay healthy:

For most of us, age 30 is the half-life age. It’s important that you stay healthy and fit so that you can be strong even in your old age. And you ought to gain that before you turn 30 because while you are in your twenties you are stronger and have better immunity to fight against all diseases and that is the time when you need to build yourself.

4. Travel the world:

This is one of the most important things to do before you turn 30. While you can even travel after 30, start travelling your destination when you are in your twenties because you never know what life comes to your way when you grow that mature age. So travel like a gypsy soul.

5. Bulk up your bank accounts:

For a secure future, we need to hoard money so that we never face financial problem in future. The twenties is the time when we are most energetic and hence we must invest our time to learn and bulk up our bank accounts.

6. Invest for your secure future:

Who doesn’t want a secure future? The 30’s is the time you have already covered half of your life and it’s high time to think about your future. The best way to secure your future is to stop spending extras and invest them.

7. Be the person you wanted to be:

It’s always important to be the person we all love to be and you must do it before you turn 30.

8. Bring out time for yourself development:

Self-development is the best thing that you can ever do to yourself. While the 30’s is the age to push yourself more toward hardships before you turn 30 make sure that you have developed yourself to be the person you always wanted to see yourself.

9. Be prepared to face everything that comes to your way:

Childhood is over. Maturity period begins here. Leave back all your worries and childishness and prepare yourself to face every problem that comes your way. Only then you can be a successful person while you turn 30.

10. Celebrate your life:

Apart from everything, the most important thing is to celebrate your life. We get to live only once. So forget your pains and worries and fill your life with smiles and laughter and celebrate being alive every day.

Rajat Menon is an aspiring software engineer whose diligent and ambitious nature helps him to rise in his professional career.Fitness,food and adventure have always been on top of his list.With his communication skills,attracting and connecting with people is a piece of cake for him.He aims towards the sky and lives the most of everything in life.

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