12 Best Summer Drinks Recipe for Non-Alcoholic People

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Summers are already here and it’s high time to hydrate ourselves. But we rarely love to drink pain water. Hence, we need a better solution to keep ourselves hydrated. So, here are some good summer recipes for Non-Alcoholic people
1. Classic lemonade with honey

Summer is here and nothing can beat the heat without classic lemonade with honey. Get yourself a glass of cold water, lemon with a little brown sugar and spice it up with honey for a better taste.
2. Classic green tea with ice

Green tea has always been the over hyped drink but it is actually healthy. Make yourself a glass of cold green tea and top it up with some ice for a better summer like feeling.
3. Iced tea with lemon

Iced tea with lemon not only tastes good but also a good one to keep you hydrated. So an iced tea with lemon will definitely cheer you up for the whole day.
4. Indian style Lassi

Who doesn’t like lassi? Indian Lassi is the best way to tame your appetite. It’s a little heavy on stomach, fills your appetite, keeps your hydrates and beats the tanning heat.
5. Clear strawberry lemon water

Strawberries are best for summer time and a sweet lemon water with some squeezed strawberries on it for that sweet flavour.
6. Clean mango juice

Summer is here and summer is all about mangoes. Make a clean mango juice with some fresh pulp of mango and enjoy your summer drink.
7. Classic cold black coffee with whipped cream

Coffee is always a great thing to open your wide eyes. Make your summer drink with some iced cold black coffee and top it up with some whipped cream.
8. Cold coffee with cream

Cold coffee has always been a famous summer drink. Get your glass with cold coffee filled till top and cover it up with some cream. Cream definitely makes a total difference in the whole drink.
9. Cold mixed fruit juice

Fruit juice is the best thing to keep your body hydrated. So, beat the summer with your favourite glass of mixed fruit juice. Fruits are indeed the best way to intake water.
10. Watermelon frappe

Watermelons are the king of the season. So, what about a cold frappe of watermelon with some sprinkled brown sugar? Sounds good right? Watermelons are one of the best fruits that keeps your body hydrated all day long.
11. Cold chocolate shake with cream

Chocolate shake is everyone’s favourite. You can keep yourself hydrated with a glass of cold chocolate shake and you can always top it up with some whipped cream and cherry cubes for a better flavour.
12. Virgin mojito

Virgin mojito is a classic Englishman drink. Though, it is quite famous vodka cocktail, you can even make this drink without vodka. Just add some mint leaves, lemon juice and mix it up with some sodas to make it taste like real classic Virgin Mojito.

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