12 key SEO tips for 2017

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SEO has taken that step where digital marketing can’t be imagined without it. Search engine optimization, precisely known as SEO is that technology or core algorithm of Google search engine that organizes the website according to its marketing strategy and SEO is an integral part of that marketing strategy.

So, let’s come to the point. As we can see 2017 is already on the go and Google is continuously declaring its changing modes of SEO techniques and continuously updating its SEO algorithm, we have to find new tips and tricks for SEO tips of 2017.

Key SEO tips for 2017

  1. Content strategy: Content strategy plays an important part in digital marketing and SEO generation today. Most of the B2B marketing companies today, use content strategy as a part of SEO generation. Strategizing content improves keyword which in turn increases the SEO result.
  2. Research your keyword: Keyword search techniques have changed a lot over the years. So, it’s 2017 now. Keyword search has become more advanced. So, a great tip for better SEO is to research the keywords and compare them with the searches before using them.
  3. Standardize the meta tag: Still today most of us think that meta taglines are not an important part of SEO. But 2017 has proved how wrong we were. Meta tags play as important role as keywords because it is also a part of the snippet.
  4. Customize your content for users: Gone are the times when we used to design our content in generic days. But Google SEO today does count the number of traffic that you are generating. And that can only be possible if you customize your website for your users.
  5. Include the mobile search concept: Over the years, mobile users have increased in a high amount. So, while planning strategy for the website, it’s equally important to pay attention to the mobile search. Around 47% of users are mobile users. Hence, this year you must pay attention for the mobile SEO too.
  6. Set AMP for better SEO: AMP is accelerated Mobile pages, which are generally used for content heavy sites. But since Google has started counting AMP even e-commerce websites has started setting up AMP.
  7. Host social media campaigns: Google pays attention to websites which are capable of driving traffic and if your website is able to drive traffic without scam, you will definitely get the attention of the Google SEO. Social media campaigns help to improve SEO for the website. Hence, it’s a new way to strategize your SEO.
  8. Mobile application optimization: Have you heard about PPC? It helps to arrange content for different platforms. Since mobile application users have increased to a bigger number today, SEO pays attention to your mobile application optimization. So, for better ranking optimize your mobile APP.
  9. Hire a good digital marketer: Your digital marketer is responsible for your website’s SEO. Google keeps on updating its SEO algorithm. Hence hire a person who is well updated of the terms of SEO changes.
  10. Long keyword usage: Keyword was always an integral part of SEO but recently, the algorithms are updated in a way which pays more attention to complete long keywords.
  11. Optimize for local search engine: Normal SEO is as important as local SEO. Hence for better SEO ranking, it’s important to pay attention to the local SEO strategy.
  12. Link social networking sites to your website: Linking social media sites to the website attracts more traffic which helps in better SEO ranking.


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