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As an open source server side scripting language, Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is widely used by web application developers across the globe. Many developers love using the scripting language to develop powerful, dynamic and interactive web applications within a short span of time. The huge popularity of the language can be estimated from its use in developing some of the renowned business and social networking websites.

PHP is popular choice in today’s web world. PHP is a popular and general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited to server-side web development where PHP generally runs on a web server. Its simplicity and clarity in design, better upkeep of various technologies, and well organized modules makes it the most popular language in the online industry today. Now, Let us examine a few good reasons for you to pick PHP program for your website.


PHP is Open Source. This means it is readily available and absolutely free! PHP developers who have a good background in C and Java, perform excellent in PHP.


PHP is easy to learn, even if you have no more skills of programming. It is one of the crucial advantageof learning PHP. Compared to other programming languages, PHP does not need one to spend a lot of time studying a manual. A complete web page can be developed using just a single PHP file. Many novice web application developers find it easier to learn PHP without putting much effort. As the PHP syntax has similarities to the C and Java, the developers, who have prior experience in writing programs in these languages, can easily migrate to the powerful scripting language. At the same time, a developer without having any prior programming experience can also learn the language after knowing HTML. The clear and easy-to-understand nature of the language makes it popular among all types of developers.


Since PHP is an open source web development language, it’s completely free of cost. Community of PHP developers gives excellent technical support. Therefore, all its components are free to use and distribute. It is one the significant benefits of learning PHP.


PHP is designed in a user-friendly manner. It is one of the main benefits of learning PHP. It offers more flexibility than C, C++, and ASP and overall helps in increasing traffic to the website. To develop complex, dynamic and user-friendly web applications, PHP is only the first preference for all web developers.


PHP is cross-platform and therefore enables operation across various operating systems. It works outstandingly on Linux, UNIX and windows platforms. What’s more, it interfaces effortlessly with apache/MySQL.


PHP has multiple extensions and is extremely scalable. When you hire PHP developers, they ensure that the results are measurable. This helps you calculate your ROI and gives you a better position over the competition.


More often than not, many a hosting services have a “ready to use” PHP setup. This does not require any special configuration. Of course if you need a high security kind of website, you can easily go ahead modify it.


PHP frequently empowers individuals to make dynamic sites. This guarantees more guest investment and consequently better returns.


The PHP people group is an expansive one. Because of so many features offered by the language, there are numerous PHP designers, PHP supporters, PHP clients, and bosses that are putting forth PHP occupations. On the off chance that you are hoping to enlist PHP designers, then you are certainly not the only one.


What makes for an interesting quality is that PHP can be easily embedded into HTML. This makes it very easy for one to convert an already existing static website, into a bold and new dynamic one.


PHP, as mentioned before, is very popular. Therefore, there are a number of references and guidelines available on the net. One can also find many support groups, forums, and teams supporting PHP. Stuck somewhere? There’s always enough online library support to get you through. This wealth of online support is also available in multiple languages.


In spite of the fact that PHP is as of now entrenched, its future prospects are unbounded. The keynote is that PHP is approximately written. This makes basic scripts much quicker to create. One needs to dedicate considerably less vitality towards outline.

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