15 Must-Do Tasks for New WordPress Website Owner

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WordPress has become one of the important everyday needs in any writer’s life, especially if you want the world read your spells. WordPress website can get little complicated sometimes. So, here some fun tasks you need to do after installing your site.

  1. Remove all the Plug-ins from your host:

Your WordPress website must contain plug-ins that you wish to have. Though many hosts nowadays hand over your website to you with pre-installed plug-ins. it is however always better to install your won they take away some liberties. Plug-ins like Jetpack and WP host are pretty useful one.

  1. Avoid comment spamming:

One thing that you should focus on, while owning a WordPress website is the comment spamming fundamentals. Akismet will always stay pre-installed on your website to protect your website from comment spamming and if it’s not installed Akismet to protect your website.

  1. Get a good website content:

While your host handovers the website to you, the site will content some dummy contents. The first thing you as a site owner have to so is to clear those dummy contents and fill in the spaces with new ones that are relevant to your website.

  1. Customize your permalinks:

Once you get your website, the permalinks of your website will be the default setting. Permalinks are actually the tiny links that are used to reach out or open your web pages or posts. Customized permalinks are user-friendly. Thus it is an essential thing to do.

  1. Customize your WordPress theme:

Though your host will already design the theme for you, you can even change it or ask your host to change it and make it more relevant to your website because your traffic depends on a lot of how your website looks and how much user-friendly it is.

  1. Update the software:

Like any other software, even WordPress releases updates very frequently. So, provide your users the best and generate traffic, you must update your WordPress software periodically.

  1. Get a back-up for your website:

Like our phones and laptops, our websites to need backups. In case your server fails or you lose all data and content from your website, these backups will help you to get back to it.

  1. Make your website SEO friendly:

SEO is something you must always focus on since it helps your website to reach the top rank on Google search. So you can install XML sitemap to make your website user-friendly.

  1. Keep a track:

While it’s important to post regularly on your website, you must also keep a track of your generated traffic, number of posts updated each day and number of visitors you are fetching every time a new post is up.

  1. Make your website social media friendly:

Social media is one of the best ways to get your website more traffic and readers. So, share your website on different social media website to fetch more visitors.

  1. Allow guest posts:

While you must have already hired authors of your website, it’s also important to enable guest posts since there are thousands of writers who are willing to see their works live and you as a website owner can make this possible.

  1. Create Author profile:

Author’s profile makes your readers more connected to you. So, set up an author’s profile with relevant information about yourself.

  1. Reply to your comments:

If you are a new WordPress owner, make sure that you respond to your comments since that will keep your readers connected to you.

  1. Focus on readability:

Readability is another key factor for you to focus on. Only post blogs that has green readability since it helps your website to fetch the top rank through SEO.

  1. Priority on the right set of keywords:

Focus keyword helps your website to get searched when searchers search about that keyword on Google.

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