5 confidence hacks that we can learn from Harvey Spectre

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If you have ever watched the USA based lawsuit TV series, ‘Suits’, you must be familiar with Mr. Harvey Spectre, the person with wit, confidence, and knowledge to build his own way. Who doesn’t like to be one like him? There are a lot of things that we can learn from his character. From being confident in our profession to be a good person in real life, Harvey Spectre has taught us a unique way to live life. So here are top 5 confidence hacks that we can learn from Harvey Spectre:

  1. ‘Winner doesn’t make excuses’:

Harvey has always told his colleagues and employees not to make any excuses. Why? because excuses make us a smaller person.  Losers make excuses, winners make results. And that’s how Harvey Spectre, the great lawyer of his times taught us the first confidence hack. Making excuses will only demoralize us. Instead, we can make things happens and think about our achievements later through the compliments that we gain.

  1. ‘Settle before away rather fighting one’:

The second confidence hack that we can learn from Harvey’s character is to settle down before getting into a war. Arguing for the right thing is good, but fighting and exposing it into a war is not what educated people do. Educated confident people make things happen. They don’t indulge in fights.

  1. ‘Take a risk, to make an extraordinary life’:

Confidence comes when we take the risk. Until we take u risk, our life will always be an ordinary one. Harvey always taught us to think big and live big. And there’s where confidence develop. The more risk you take, the more confidence you gain and that is how you become a more important person for yourself and for people around you. So always take the risk to make an extraordinary life.

  1. ‘Don’t lose small, rather win big’:

Losing small or winning big- what would you prefer? If you lose small you will always lose confidence and there will be a time when you will ultimately feel scared of losing. But if you want to be a confident person like Harvey Spectre you can’t afford to lose small. Rather work harder and win big so that when you win you actually win confidence for yourself.

  1. ‘Suit up and focus on how you look’:

Do you know when we meet someone, we are first judged on how we look and how we present ourselves and later on our knowledge level? Our confidence level boosts up when we dress up in a presentable way. Hence, Harvey’s fifth confidence hack is to suit up and focus on how you look. Because the better you look, the confidence you gain.

Harvey Spectre has always been a hero for everybody who wanted to pursue law as a profession. But he has also won millions of heart due to his extremely convincing dialogues and his presentable character that made us believe that Harvey Spectre is not just a fiction character but actually a role model.

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