5 CoolestWeb Design Trends to Eye for in 2017

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Trends are meant to change and rather fast in creative fields such as web designing. Experimentation and innovation are driving factors for the ever-changing trends that pushes an industry to achieve better at every step.

The World Wide Web is among the most unique environment that’s more apt to change and evolution. As we speak, let’s have a look at some coolest and most intriguing trends taking on web design in Dubai by storm for 2017 and, perhaps beyond that!

  1. Mobile-first is motto of most brands

Just as the name implies, the mobile-first design gained momentum due to outbreak of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. The mobile-first approach has been around for many years now however since the hand-held devices became primary for browsing the web;more effective approach is being taken to deliver just the perfect results for both small and bigger screens.

  1. The ascension of responsive design

Much like mobile-first, responsive design has been around for a few years as well but many different brands simply take it to the next level by developing more responsive and rich sites. Responsive web design in Dubai and around the world is an approach to develop a site using CSS media queries, flexible layouts/grids thereby creating a single and dynamic site. Aim is to align text, graphics, animation and other content in a perfect way for devices of all sizes be it desktop, mobile or laptop thus enhancing user-experience.

  1. Head’s up to rapid prototyping tools

Not exactly a design trend per se, rapid prototyping tools are a breakthrough to web design in Dubai and everywhere being a must-have for all UI, UX and web designers. The tools allow designers to quickly create highly reliable prototypes of websites and services gauging all the primary aesthetics and usability factors. All of this is achieved without ever writing a single line of code whereas you can design in the browser to launch the website directly from the tool which is the biggest pro fact.

  1. Tailored illustrations

Illustrations are versatile and fantastic mediums for developing user-friendly and playful visuals that add fun to a site. Ingenious illustrators can create such drawings that are full of life, a remarkable characteristic and tailored to cope with a brand’s tone; one fact brands have longed for in a highly competitive market. Each brand is able to distinguish itself with remarkable illustrations using large header images, amazing visual animation and customised iconography!

  1. Typography achieve the big, bold & beautiful

Typesetting among the most powerful visual medium that can stir emotions, define a tone and creates a personality! Devices nowadays come with crisp, sharp and high-definition resolution making it easier to read the typography, pushing the limits of user appeal. We’re expecting an increase in oversized and full-screen type that breaks the grid with lots of dynamic text and layering with the parallax scrolling.


These are only a few of many changing trends associated to web design in Dubai and probably around the world. Be sure to understand all if you’re actively engaged with web-development and design industry!

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