5 must-watch shows on Netflix

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Are you searching for some interesting TV series to watch? Then you are in the right place. Netflix has brought thousands of TV series and shows from all around the world for your entertainment. The best part of Netflix is that it offers one month of free subscription where you can watch anything you want and anytime you want. Isn’t that great? Since Netflix offers thousand of TV series and shows, it’s quite confusing, which one to watch and which to not. So, to help you out with this decision, here are top 5 must watch shows on Netflix listed below.

  1. Daredevil:

Marvel Studios’ latest TV show Daredevil has already won the heart of millions of crime story lovers. If you are one of them this is the perfect show for you. Daredevil is the latest foreplay which deals with extreme level of street crime scenes, murder and grittiness. Interested?

Daredevil series is all set to rock your mind with extreme level of planning, crime plotting and forensic science technology. The series has shown highest level of vigilantism.

  1. Jessica Jones:

With the recent partnership of Netflix and Marvel Studios’, they have presented the new TV series named Jessica Jones. The show is named after the protagonist of the series. The extremely talented Krysten Ritter is playing the lead role of the show. With the latest set up of private detective center in the mid of the New York City, Jessica Jones has created a new level of blood rush for the criminal minds in the city. The show is simply stunning for people who are in love with crime and mystery.

  1. Orange is the new Black:

If you yet haven’t heard of this highest rated show on Netflix, “Orange is the new Black”, you are missing the biggest fun of your life. It is indeed the second best TV series of Netflix. The show runs around a woman who is sent to prison for a serious crime that she caused over a decade ago. The writers claim it to be based on a true story. The series starts with a flashback of the protagonist’s life. But what crime landed the white lady into a low-grade prison? Watch the season to find out more.

  1. Suits:

Suits have now completed four seasons. It has got some highest ratings among the Netflix TV series. This TV series is purely based on a lawsuit firm and all the politics that prevails inside the firm. The main character of the show named Max is hired by the most famous law firm of the New York City because of his incredible power to solve mystery cases.

  1. House of Cards:

The series is inspired by the 1990 BBC show ‘House of Cards’. Many called the new series of House of Cards the remake of the previous one. The series has got some best writers, producers, directors and cinematographers. The series is based on high-class mystery and is worth watching.



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