5 Things to do After a Major Google Algorithm Update

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Over the past few years, we have noticed lots of changes in Google Algorithm. Experts will know the consequences better. Every time Google releases a major Google Algorithm update, the search engine turns all the website rankings upside down. Sometimes the core algorithm is made to focus on long tail keywords, sometimes it is made to focus on the content management. But every time, Google updates its Algorithm, it’s for a good reason and there are few things that you must do after a major Google Algorithm update. And here is what you should do:

  1. Stop panicking:

Ever time Google updates its Algorithm, the first thing that we end up doing is panicking. However, there is no reason to panic just because Google updated its search engine algorithm. Google claims to update its algorithm 500 to 600 times every year and you surely can’t afford getting stressed so many times. So, the first thing is not to panic. Let the thing settle a bit, the updates will itself come in front of you and then you can work accordingly.

  1. Stop assuming data:

One thing that we all end up doing is to assume the updates and start reacting according to it. However, that must not be the case. You cannot predict the updates until they are clear to you and it is foolish to react to something that you have the least knowledge of. Last time when Google published its update- Penguin 4.0, it unveiled the features through Google webmaster blog. So, wait till the time comes.

  1. Understand and react:

You might an expert in SEO but reacting without knowing everything about the update is definitely something you must not do. So, once Google unveils its recent update. Try to figure out what changes Google has done this time. Once you learn about the updates in detail only then react to it and then make necessary updates to your website.

  1. Make necessary changes in your website:

Once Google updates its algorithm, it’s sure to affect your website ranking so now it’s time to get your website back to the top ranking list. Firstly, learn about the updates in detail. Google will never publish the details of the updates itself, so you have to depend on reliable sources that can provide details on Google updates. You can definitely get the details on different SEO blogs that are powered by Google itself. So, get the knowledge about the updates and then make changes that are required.

  1. Concentrate on content:

Every time Google updates its search engine algorithm, it focuses more on the content and the content strategy. So, once you get to know everything about the new content, mark the key points on which Google is focusing this time. Those points are very crucial for your website. And if the focus is on content, make sure that you update good quality reliable content on your website to improve your website ranking.

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