Email Marketing Trends Of 2017

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Email Marketing is one of the important tactics of marketing policy that is used by the marketers. Over the past few years, email marketing has drastically evolved. With social media platforms in scene, marketers once thought email marketing won’t be of any good. But soon the trend itself proved its existence with increasing usage of emails in the world. Email gradually became the sole source of communication, especially formal communication. Here, we will discuss about 6 must know Email Marketing Trends of 2017.

  1. Target marketing

Email marketing has become more targets oriented. Today the brands have to focus more on the preferences of the targeted audience, than their own preferences. It is one of the trending marketing funnels of email marketing this year.

  1. Data privacy

With changing trends, data orientation is becoming more difficult. Permission is getter stricter every day and so the marketers have to change their trends with the changing time. Customer data privacy is very important and with the permission strictness, the data used for marketing is gradually becoming more tightly regulated for future use of the marketers.

  1. Delivery to inbox

Spam box has become more prominent nowadays. Weakly permitted third party mails don’t get a place in the inbox, instead they are sent to the spam box for the security purpose. Gradually with time, the bar for B2B marketers to reach the inbox is becoming more and stricter.

  1. Creative designs

If you are expecting some turnover from the email marketing, you have to be creative with your email designs. Both your design and content must be attractive enough and contain relevant information about the product or brand you are trying to sell. Animation and designing was a trend even last year and previous years and still today it has a significant role in the email marketing industry.

  1. Automation email marketing

One of the important aspects of email marketing is automation mails. This trend came into existence about a year or two ago and still today, the marketers are asked to focus on it. The main reason is, when you try to publicize something through email marketing, the customers receive the mail and once they receive the mail and reply to it or register to it, they expect a follow back which denotes that their registration is successful and that the mail is from a genuine source. Hence, email marketing’s are very through automation emails.

  1. Conversational tone of email

Nobody likes to read a boring email. Even if you are trying to market a educational book or institute, you have to be creative and conversational with your tone, only then you can expect some fruitful conversation of your targeted audience into traffic for your brand or product. The relationship between demand and supply is very important to be maintained and email marketing does that work only if you use it in a right way. Conversational tone of email helps you to fetch more customer than formal tone of emails.

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