7 Super Effortless Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

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Social media has taken all of us by storm. From Facebook to Pinterest, everywhere we find users trying hard to increase their followers. But not all ways are useful for increasing your followers. This blog is centered on providing users some tips and tricks to effortlessly increase their Pinterest followers.

Why should you increase your Pinterest followers?

Pinterest, today has become one of the most important social media websites to publicize your works and efforts. Millions of Pinterest users are looking forward to useful Pinterest posts to them with different types of queries and that is how Pinterest bloggers came up. Increasing Pinterest followers directly means more likes, more comments and more traffic on your photos and videos that you share. It also enhances the chances to get paid through Pinterest posts. Blogs are of one of the best ways to do that. Here are some super effortless ways to increase your Pinterest followers.

  1. Enable your Pinterest to follow button:

If you observe your website closely, you will find a Pinterest follow button. Enabling that button on your website drives your website traffic to your Pinterest blogs which indirectly increases traffic on your pinterest blogs. 1 out of every 10 visitors who visit your Pinterest page will definitely follow you and that is how you can effortlessly increase your Pinterest followers.

  1. Enable the ‘profile widget’ button:

While blogging on WordPress, bloggers or even your own website, you will find an option to enable your profile widget. Enabling the profile widget button displays all your latest pins from Pinterest on your website. This is an effective way to attract your website visitors to your Pinterest page.

  1. Share, share, and share:

One of the best ways to increase Pinterest followers is to share your Pinterest pins on social media website like facebook, Instagram, and even on your own blogging site. The more you share the better coverage of visitor you get which directly gets converted into followers.

  1. Update your Pinterest post daily:

Every social media website has a pick time and low point of the day. When your pin during pick time, it has higher chances to attract more followers to your Pinterest but in order to do that you have to be regular with your updates and your updates must be relevant to your Pinterest page.

  1. Mention other Pinterest pages on your page:

When you mention other Pinterest pages on your Pinterest page it has higher chances to attract the visitors of that page to your page. However, you have to only mention popular Pinterest pages who already has millions of visitors.

  1. Comment and like other pins:

If you are a Pinterest blogger you can’t afford to be reserved or jealous. Comment on the pins of other bloggers. Like the pins of other Pinterest pins. It enhances the chance of your Pinterest pin to get noticed.

  1. Publicize your own board:

If you want to increase your Pinterest followers, you have to publicize your page thousands of time. Don’t get bored doing that because that is one of the most effective ways to attract more visitors to your Pinterest page.

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