8 Ways to Identify If You Are More Than Just Her BFF!

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Friends or BFF? Confused? Often we end up feeling whether that person is just our friends or more than even best friends. BFFs are like family to life a better life and everybody agrees to it, right? So, here are top 11 ways to identify if you are more than just her BFF.

  1. Distance doesn’t matter for you both

BFFs are always with each other even if you guys are miles apart and your smart phone is the rescue to you. You both talk to each other almost all time of the day.

  1. Talking to each other is like a daily scene

You both end up talking to each other every single day. It’s like a ritual for both of you. Even the tiniest little thing of life you feel like sharing to each other.

  1. You can’t shop without each other

If she treats you like her BFF, then shopping for both of you is definitely impossible without each other. You both will never try to shop without the presence and choice of one another.

  1. She doesn’t refer you as just your so called friend

Even ever she is in public with her other friends or family or colleagues she will address you like a family rather than a normal friend and that’s when you can know if she considers you as her BFF.

  1. You both are comfortable talking about anything

If you both are BFFs for each other, then definitely you both end up talking about anything and everything with each other. It’s like there is no bar of communication among you both.

  1. Sending screenshots are like daily rituals

You both send screenshots to each other especially of the chats that are humorous and sent by any of your crushes or ex people. Bonding gets stronger that way.

  1. She is very protective about you

If she considers you as her BFF, then she will definitely be very protective about you and defend you when people bad mouths about you. And that’s when you can know if you both are the perfect match of BFFs.

  1. You always have her shoulder to cry

Whenever you feel low or sad upon something, she is the first person to be with you every time. You will always have her shoulders to cry.

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