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There are many people who may have been suggested by their physicians to undergo spina bifida treatment and hence, are interested to know more about it.

The spine is considered to be the main center for carrying out communications within the body. It is through the spine that messages are sent and received to the different organs of the body. Therefore, any kind of damage that is caused to the spinal region will only result in non-defective communication or non-communication of messages which are transmitted by brain. This might even result in casing paralysis, in extreme cases.

Spina Bifida

It is considered to be a common type of birth defect that is associated with neural tube. It is also referred to as ‘open spine’, a condition which affects the spinal cord and the back bone.

Its occurrence

Tiny ribbon full of tissues is present in any healthy spine. It folds as well as forms as a protective tube type of covering, found over spinal cord. It is after conception of 28 days that there is formed neural tube. At times, there are chances of the process becoming awry, with the tube not closing properly and completely. Hence, the results derived can be defective spinal cord and vertebrae. Therefore, damage can be caused to nerves in the spinal cord.

Spina Bifida types

  • Myelomningocele: It is a condition that is mostly referred to when discussing about spina bifida. The sac in its chronic form pushes through vertebrae comprising of meninges and spinal cord nerve roots and at times, the cord itself. The spine alternatively might display spinal cord and nerve exposed section. Spinal fluid could leak out and affect the baby’s thus risking infection. This is until opening gets surgically closed. Still, nerve damage chances are quite high. Children are likely to suffer from paralysis, bowel and bladder control problems. It is the affected spinal nerves which determine paralysis severity. Higher the cyst, more severe is likely to be the paralysis.
  • Meningocele: The spinal cord and brain is covered by Meninges. A small lump is formed when they tend to push through vertebrae opening. The child is required to undergo surgery for preventing subsequent nerve damage.
  • Occulta: It is considered to be a safe spina bifida form. The muscles and skin cover the spinal cord and back opening and is somewhat normal. The affected individuals do not face many problems.

There is no particular reason still identified for spina bifida to take place. Some families are found to show recurrent pattern. However, no such evidence is found of spina bifida being hereditary disease. It might also occur with birth defects. Chronic health problems faced by women like diabetes may also lead to increased risk in producing babies suffering from this defect. Children also face associated problems like Hydrocephalus. It is a situation, where excess fluid develops in the brain, leading to enlargement of the head for creating space to accommodate this fluid. It can lead to neurological damage and even mental retardation, if left untreated.

The best spina bifida treatment India can help the patient to live a long life.

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