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Just what in the world is affiliate marketing anyways? I have been very embarrassed to ask people about what exactly affiliate marketing is? And also I have seen people be very embarrassed to ask me too.

So here I am again to answer all your questions as to what and how because you shouldn’t be afraid of asking question? There are no stupid questions in this world. Anything that gives you knowledge about something is useful. So let’s make it very simple.

Affiliate marketing is sops, to break it down a little more, it’s like selling other people’s stuff. Yes it is that simple. On one hand you have a merchant, who can be selling any product in this entire world. For example the GAP sells clothing. They say if you have a website then you can sign up for our affiliate program. What happens is that you put links on your website and when a visitor clicks that link then they go to the GAP website and makes a purchase then the gap will pay you a commission on that purchase. There are many companies that have affiliate programme. You have other site that offer digital goods, like eBooks. If you promote them they will give you a commission. In fact there are hundreds and thousands of these things. My personal favourite is these digital products because the commission is very high. For example you can even earn 50 percent commissions on eBooks. Isn’t that great? Then there are others that have subscriptions models. Here you have to take up a subscription and then if someone opens these up through your subscription then you get a commission.

Now you have to understand that not all sites host the affiliate program. There are only a few. The ones that do have it on their websites. You can go to the FAQ page if you want to check if they have one. Another way is to do simple Google search. This will give you the number of companies that do the affiliate programs.

In order to find the best product to promote, you choose a number of products and then observe which one is doing better. Then you can only focus on the ones that you think are making more money and leave the rest aside. You can also keep an eye on the blogs of people and see which product is making more sales and likewise you can chose it.

What do you think is the cost to join an affiliate programme? Congratulations that there is no charge for joining an affiliate programme. However the total cost depends on what promotion technique you are using. So chose the way of promotion wisely. The best thing to know is that you do not need any qualification to become an affiliate marketer, though having good copywriting skills and marketing skills will be an added advantage.

You can easily make $4k to $5k a month with affiliate marketing and that is a great thing to do. When you convert it to the Indian rupees then you will have something around 2lakhs per month and even more.


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