Are You Planning to Study in Australia? How to Get a Student Visa?

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Australia is the country where education system is highly acclaimed across the world as it provides a huge range of opportunities and courses of international standards. In essence, the universities have high academic standard and are reputed to be excellent in research fields. You can find a lot of opportunities for sports as well as extra-curricular activities in the well-designed campuses that are based on higher education. No wonder thousands of students wish to study in this country, especially students who are willing to be granted with permanent residency later in life. You may choose an education agent Perth when applying for a student visa.

If you or your child is planning to move to Australia for higher studies, you may need a licensed migration agent who can assess your visa options. Most agents will do it for free. For a rough idea, here is the list of student visa options available to apply –

Visa Subclasses

Subclass 570–ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)

It is recommended to standalone courses for English language which lead to a certificate I to IV or which doesn’t lead to Australian award.

Subclass 571 – For Secondary or Primary school course

It is applied to Junior, Primary, or Senior Secondary School Courses as well as Approved Secondary School Exchange Programs.

Subclass 572 – Vocational Training and Education

It is applied to Certificate I, II, III or IV (excluding ELICOS), Advanced Diploma, Diploma, Vocational Graduate Diploma or Vocational Graduate Certificate courses.

Subclass 573 – Higher Education

It is applied to Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificate, or Masters.

Subclass 574 – Postgraduate Research

Applied to Masters by doctoral or research degree

Subclass 575

It is applied to non-award full-time courses or foundation courses or components that don’t lead to any Australian award.

Subclass 576

It is for students who are sponsored by the Department of Defense or AusAID conducting full-time courses.

Subclass 580

Relatives or parents can apply to stay in the country as a guardian of student studying there.

Under any of these visa subclasses, qualifying for migration is up to the acceptance of students to an educational institution or Australian university as well as duration of the course. Some of the services of licensed migration agents include enrolling the people in any university across the country for master or bachelor degree, trade or diploma courses.

There are different considerations to be taken by a migration agent to outline in detail after the assessment. The proof of your financial stability is the important consideration to support the cost of study and related expenses in Australia, such as health insurance and housing.


If you are studying in Australia already and thinking to work here after graduation, you can hire a qualified migration agent to assess your eligibility to stay. It is up to the qualification you have earned and its demand. You may also qualify for skilled graduate visa to remain in Australia temporarily for 18 months so you can gain work experience in your skills.

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