Farmer to automobile star: Henry Ford

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We have all dreamt of buying a ford car, at least once in our life. Some of us did, others still have the dream alive in their heart. Ever since the existence of Ford Motors in twentieth century, the company became famous on the basis of offering Ford cards that are really affordable by even middle class people.

With this introduction in context, you may know by now, whom we are talking about. Yes, it is Mr. Henry Ford, the father of American entrepreneurship of the twentieth century. Henry Ford came into fame after launching his own automobile collection line named after his ancestral surname, Ford Motor Company.

Henry Ford- Background:

Henry Ford is well known as the father of American automobile industry. Ever since his launch in twentieth century, Ford became a well-known face in the automobile industry. Henry Ford was born on 30th July, 1863 in Michigan. Henry Ford belongs from a business class farmer family. His family was known to own farm lands in Michigan. But the little Ford somehow chose to play with machines instead of playing in farms with animals.

Henry Ford was always interested in machines and mechanics ever since his childhood which became more evident when the little ten years old kid dismantled and mantled all the machine parts and watch parts, thus entitling him the name of Watch repairman in his hometown.

Henry Ford as a working man:

Eyeing Henry’s interest in machines and mechanics, Ford was really supported by his family. Hence at the age of 20 he left Michigan to work as an apprentice for James F. Flower and Bros. However he soon returned home because of some financial crisis and joined his family farming business. But the poor kid was never satisfied with his farming job.

Life has different plans for Henry and so in 1891, Henry got a job offer from Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit where his industrial work got appreciated and he got promoted as a chief engineer of the company. This position offered him the exposure to combustion engine while changed Ford’s future and the future of automobile industry too.

Henry Ford emerging as the CEO of Ford Motor Company

Exposure to auto parts and combustion engine, stroke the creative mind of Henry Ford and hence in 1896 he first made his Quadricycle. Later, he founded the Ford motors in 1903. At the beginning, he was able to afford only few employees for his company with fewer production rates. But that was just the beginning.

Henry Ford belonged to a middle class family. Hence, he had a great sense of the needs of a middle class family. Keeping this in mind, he desired to design a car which is affordable, reliable and creative. Finally in 1908, his dream came into reality with Ford Model T car. Soon Ford Motors brought a change in the American automobile Industry.

The great American entrepreneur Henry Ford died in 1947 due to Cerebral Haemorrhage. Today Ford Motors is a major revolutionary automobile company of the world and have successfully reached the heights which Henry Ford would be proud of seeing.

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