Choosing India for Eco-tourism

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The serenity and soothing ambiance that nature provide work wonder on one’s mind. If you are tired of the daily melodramas and fast moving urban lifestyle, an eco tourism is all you need to get relaxed and expose your inner aura to nature where peace begins and enmity ends.

While talking about eco-tourism, considering India as a place for eco-tourism is of principle importance because our Incredible India is in all ways connected to different nature landscapes and water bodies that are worth enjoying. Ecotourism is a totally new concept of preserving the travel and natural aspects of a country while exposing the visitors to its rich culture and heritage sites. And when culture and heritage sites come into context, India has to be on the top list. So, here are some best places in India that you must while you are on an eco-tourism.

  1. Backwaters of Kerala:

In the coconut land of the country, the backwater of Kerala has its own beauty. Through the paddy fields and lush green palm trees that have grown on both sides of the greenish water body, you can find a serene place to relax and meditate while traveling on a houseboat. The rhythm and hymn found in the backwaters of Kerala are exclusively natural and worth enjoying.

  1. Eravikulam National Park:

India is always known for its huge wildlife preservation centers. Along the great national parks that are found in India, Eravikulam National Park in Kerala is one of its kinds. With a stretch of 100 kilometers, Eravikulam National Park was constructed to preserve some endangered species of India. It is worth a place to the visitor for any wildlife lover.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka:

Always known as one of the best hiking places in India, Coorg is a hillside place situated at the heart of Karnataka. Milky white waterfalls through the lush green forests are indeed the peace center of the place. With bamboos, teak trees and sandalwood trees, Coorg is best known for its serene culture.

  1. Chilika, Odisha:

Chilika in Orissa is the second largest coastal lagoon in India. The place is famous for its still water lake called Chilika Lake. The area is bounded within 3500 square feet area and consists of rarest seen Dolphins, green sea turtles, dugongs etc. The entire region is secluded in an island area which provides an exclusive ambiance of peace.

  1. Sundarbans National Park, West Bengal:

Sundarban National Park is the home to the largest growing mangrove forest in India. The national park is globally famous because it is the home for Royal Bengal tigers which are found only in these areas. Being one of the endangered species of India, Royal Bengal tigers are being preserved to live by the Indian government. The park is located at the meeting point of Ganges river and Bay of Bengal thus providing an ambiance of serenity to the visitors.

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