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Coke Studio

We all are well aware of coke studios and their incredibly soothing music. But least do we know about how such a miracle began. The international beverage company Coca-Cola is well known to ‘taste good with food’. Over the past few decades, coca cola has been an integral part of everyone’s life for once. Last, they were known to present a glass of coke if you sing or dance or hug them. A few years ago, they took themselves to another level; a level where you can clean your inner aura with the soothing music and lyrical tones that they produced. Yes! You guessed it right. We are here to talk about Coke Studio and their incredible concept behind this show

A history of coke studio:

With the concept of Coke studio, Coca-cola took a very crucial social step to unite people across the border. By border, we mean stuff and eastern classic. By border, we mean kaftans and dhotis. By border, we mean Pakistanis and Indians.

Coca-cola has always been a well-known brand for creating stories and sharing experiences. Keeping that in context, Jackie Jantos, the global creative head of Coca-cola came up with the idea of sharing music this time. And that’s how we got to hear some amazing soothing tones.

Initially during the 80’s coke studio was a marketing strategy by the company itself which hosted a musical night in Brazil. Pakistani rock star Rohit Hayatt being inspired by the musical night brought coke studio to Pakistan during 90’s. After 6 seasons, when coke studio gained a lot of popularity, a musician from India finally incepted the Pakistani coke studio idea in India.

Better known as Coker Studio @ MTV, coke studio is an amazing concept of composing fusion music. Sufi, western and eastern Indian classical music gradually started to get blended inside the studio. The results were amazing, each week the Youtube channel flooding with millions of views. Though the first two seasons of coke studio was not much entertained by the Indian music lovers, but with the entry of Great Indian musicians and singers like A.R Rehman, Shreya Ghosal, Arijit Singh, Javed Akhtar and lot more, Coke Studio became of the most watched television in India; more than Indian Idols and Sa Re Ga Ma Pa series.

After two seasons of Coke Studio, the concept got into Indian colleges. And in 2012 IIT Delhi hosted Rendezvous during their annual cultural fest where singers like Shilpa Rao, Papon and Advaita graced the stage. That is when coke Studio gained popularity among the youngsters of India.

The last season of Coke Studio was aired around a year ago where Bengali Singer Anupam Roy, Jeet Ganguli, Satyaki Banerjee and Babul Supriyo graced the stage just to create fusion music for the ears.

Though Coke Studio was not successful in India initially, over the past few years, music has all been about Coke Studio and fusions. The musical extravaganza also played a social role to bond Pakistanis and Indians through the fusion of Sufi and Indian classical music.

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