Eating Organic on a tight budget

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One thing that we all can do for a being a clean and good us is to eat organic and rule out all the unhealthy oily and spicy foods from our life. But isn’t that too tough? Yes, of course, it is tough, especially when you don’t really know what foods are organic and out of all the organic food which foods can be on your budget. Some people think eating organic is a wealthy man’s obsession. But reality says, ‘No, it’s not!’

Eating organic is one of the best things that we can do and that too, on a tight budget. So, let’s see how to maintain an organic diet on a tight budget.

1. Replace unhealthy snacks with fruits:

Have you ever kept a count on how much you spend on unhealthy snacks like French fries, chips, popcorns, and sodas? If you start keeping a count on it, you will notice that you are spending so much extra which you could actually save. Coming to the organic food part, apart from eating unhealthy snacks, invest your money on fruits that you like. All fruits are organic. They contain a good amount of complex carbohydrates and natural citrus that detoxifies your body and makes your skin clean.

2. Replace sodas with fresh water and juices:

We not only spend money on snacking and stuff but also on sodas, especially when summers are around the corner. Sodas contain direct carbs that are unhealthy and cause obesity. So, if you want to lose weight and eat healthy replace your soda glasses with fresh glasses of iced water. Drink water to keep yourself hydrated and you will gradually notice a change in your wallet. Also, you can drink fruits juices which are also very organic and refreshing.

3. Shop from the local vendors:

We all have the habit of buying our monthly grocery from nearby supermarkets. Though it is a good thing, it sometimes causes a little heavy face on the wallet because we end up buying foreign brands and extra food products. So to eat organic on a tight budget, buy fruits and vegetables from local vendors. Those vegetables and fruits are not only fresh and organic but are also grow on our own motherland and costs less.

4. Start drinking more organic tea and fewer milk teas and king size coffees:

Though coffees are really a big deal for some people, it’s still important to notice that we invest a huge amount of king size cups of coffee which are not at all organic. Hence, replace your whipped cream and vanilla flavoured coffees with fresh green tea, organic tea or even homemade coffee. The more you drink beverages made at your home, the more organic you eat.

5. Cook from scratch:

Nowadays a lot of made to eat foods are available in supermarkets. But to eat organic on a tight budget, you should always start to cook from scratch. Freshly grounded spices not only make the food tastier but also organic enough on a tight budget.

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