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LED lights make a great option for indoor lighting solutions. Not only are they aesthetic, but also provide a cost-effective alternative to the conventional CFL and incandescent bulbs. Read this blog to know how to use LED lights to adorn your indoors.

Few months back, while looking for the ideal lighting options for my new penthouse I came across the option for indoor LED lights. No doubt, I was a bit apprehensive that time. Considering the efficient service of the incandescent lights that I have been using so far, I was somewhat reluctant to opt for another alternative.

Well, after a brief thought I chose to try the LED lighting options and that was the best decision ever, I believe. Let me tell you why.

Because, they are energy-efficient, both outdoor LED lights and indoor LED lights are durable and require less maintenance, they make a cost-effective option. But what really attracts me is their aesthetic variety. Here’s a look into those indoor lighting options that I have used in my home.

LED Bulbs

Considering the energy-efficient features of LED bulbs, it’s quite surprising that they can actually put some accent on my rooms with bright welcoming lighting. With no harmful emissions and zero mercury content, LED bulb certainly makes an eco-friendly option too. I have mostly used LED bulbs in our big lounge where we spend a major part of the day. The sole objective was to create a serene ambiance where we can unwind after a stressful day.

LED Night Lamps

Choosing night lamp was never easy. Though, I had come across some of the leading brands offering a world of exciting features, I was looking for a soft, subdued and soothing option. The best part is that LED night lamps do not flicker and there’s no glare. As a result, it creates a quiet ambience that sets the perfect mood for a good night’s rest. Available in multiple colours, the LED night lamps can be effortlessly fitted with regular bulb holders.

LED Strips

I opt for LED strips for the backyard garden as I wanted to create a dreamy ambiance with it. The high powered LED strips, when mounted on a super-thin flexible circuit board, set a perfect pensive mood. The strip with small twinkling starts beaded and it is indeed budget friendly. Moreover, it’s a unique way to create a different ambiance that I have always wanted.

LED Panel lights

I chose a colour changing panel light for my office. They come with a sleek and subtle design and are simply perfect for a workspace. Since, my workspace in the new house is quite spacious, I opted for it. The high PF driver, no glare or buzz, fine design and aluminum heat sink make them a great option. Available in the standard size, these lights are truly easy to install.

LED Spotlights

I selected narrow beam angle LED spotlights to accentuate and highlight the paintings in my living room which I have collected over a period of time. And I must say, the dramatic effect it creates is truly mesmerizing.

 The Final Catch

Recently, indoor LED lights have garnered quite a good deal of popularity. Obviously, its energy efficiency, longevity and low maintenance make them a great alternative. But, what I have later learned is that LED lights are eco-friendly too. They emit a blue light wave that produce serotonin, which makes us stay focused, awake, and alert. The night LED bulbs, however work differently, thus allow our brain to produce melatonin, which offers more relaxation and a good night’s sleep. Opt for a comfortable mix of LED living room lighting, so as to adapt with every moment at your peaceful abode.


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