List of Twitter accounts that everybody needs to follow

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Social media platform is ruling the 21st century. With so many social media platforms all around us, it’s really hard to resist one. In one way, they are an entertainment source and also information source. Talking about Social media platform, let’s talk about a platform that is ruling every world- from Bollywood to press news this platform has severely hit the grounds of all sectors. Can you guess which one is it? TWITTER!

Today, Twitter is more famous than any other social media platform and why shall it not be? Twitter has somehow become a prime source of instant news and update. So, here is a list of best Twitter accounts that we all should follow:

  1. Richard Branson (@richardbranson)

Being a millionaire, Richard Branson is pretty down to earth. His twitter posts are all dedicated to inspirational life quotes that can make your day positive.

  1. Adam Grant (@Adamgrant)

Adam Grant is the professor of Psychology in Wharton University, USA. His recent Ted talk video went viral over the internet. Being a professor of Psychology, Adam Grant’s Twitter account is filled with posts related to interesting psychology which is worth reading and knowing.

  1. Beautiful pictures (@beautifulpictures)

A Beautiful picture is the perfect twitter website for users who are in love with photography and nature. Beautiful pictures posts photos of extraordinary activities of nature which are worth eyeing.

  1. The muse (@dailymuse)

The muse is an online coaching site for MBA and time management. Do you want to manage your time? Follow daily muse for daily updates on time management and MBA. They also post inspirational photos and quotes for inspiring people who want to do something extraordinary in their life.

  1. Harvard Biz Review (@Harvardbiz)

The global famous university, Harvard University has their own twitter account where they post articles by famous academic writers and their scholars and professionals. The account is filled with papers and presentations by famous scholars. It posts photos which are worth seeing.

  1. Boring Tweets (@boringtweets)

Boring tweets is that twitter account which kills the boredom, unlike its account name. The account posts daily updates, quotes, and photos which are enough sarcastic to bring that smile on your smile. Boring tweets have millions of followers and come on the hit list of twitter accounts which are worth following.

  1. Snopes (@snopes)

The twitter account of is worth a twitter account to be followed. Snopes is a news channel that looks past the news and then frames the headlines which are most important nowadays.

  1. Bill Gates (@billgates)

Bill Gates is the first person to be followed whenever you become a twitter user. He is a rich man with a philanthropic hand. He is an owner of million dollar property but lives on the ground. His twitter account is filled with posts and quotes written by him.

  1. Grammar Police (@_grammar_)

Grammar Police are the only twitter account that provides an exclusive sense of Grammar that is currently in trend.

  1. The Financial Diets (@TFdiets)

It is an exclusive twitter account that provides hacks on saving money, thus the name justifies being the financial diets.

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