Local SEO & its impact on different business models

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Local SEO- as interesting as it sounds; it is an integral part of Digital Marketing. Often local SEO is

overlooked but eyeing the changing trends in marketing today, if you want to successfully establish

your company or if you want to be a successful digital marketing, you can never overlook Local SEO


Changing trends of Local SEO

Trends of Local SEO changes more rapidly than normal SEO campaigns. Local SEO basically shows

how consumers search about products online and what they search for their products. It's quite

evident that if you want to establish your business online, Local SEO is something you must focus on.

And every business head and brand managers today are struggling with Local SEO concepts.

While brands are already struggling to get into the top searches of Google, local SEO is something

which helps to increase the sales of the brands. Studies show that about 50% of the searchers, who

search for mobile shops in Google, reach the nearest mobile shop within one day time. Most of us

only read the reviews on Google and see the pictures. Least do we open their website? And that's

these of Local SEO. It directs the traffic to the right place in right place and doubles the sales.

Impact of Local SEO on business models

Local SEO strategy depends on business requirement. Each business will have different strategy

depending on their business structure. For example, companies which deal with creative artists or

virtual offices would not require dragging local SEO. However, other business requirements will have to


So, now lets have a look at the impacts of Local SEO in different business models:

For businesses that deal with services like online delivery stores, SPAs or Salons, restaurants,

hotels, resorts, clothes and accessories stores, local SEO directly affects their business. Over

the course of 5 years, every restaurant in the city has owned their website. They have started

to provide online food order services with free delivery. Hence these local businesses have

started working on Local SEO. And online reviews are the output factor that helps these

business units to attract SEO.

Apart from service-based brands, National and international brands also get affected by local

SEO. How? Brands like Burger kinds and Puma are presently worldwide. They have different

franchises and shops at different locations. Local SEO helps these companies to drag right

people in right time.

Businesses, especially IT sectors which have departments and offices at different locations

use local SEO to strategize their marketing keys. It helps them to increase traffic and drag

right persons to the right place.

Local SEO has renewed the old ways of SEO marketing by strategizing the marketing funnel to attract local customers.

Local SEO strategy is a need for every company today. From service based brands to online delivery shops, best digital marketers are those who can publicize your brands through local SEO by planning the best strategies.

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