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Many players are thrown out of the race by Google in the last half decade. The reason is that they have been unable to cope up with the ever evolving algorithms of the Google.Google wants to give the best search experience to its users. And to achieve his it keeps upgrading its working system and anyone who could not maintain the pace with it, is but naturally out of the game.

There are many firms to help you with the SEO Services in Toronto. Apart from approaching them the below given points can help you in mastering the art of maintaining your position in the Google and also take your company to another level.

Shift from SEO to SEO and content convergence:

SEO and the content should be held together and similar effort should be put on both the aspects to take the company to another level of success. Just focusing on good content won’t suffice and at the same time just diverting all your energies towards the technicality won’t help you win the race.

What has to be done?

  • Make sure that your content is based on data.


  • Whatever matters to your brand- the audience, the conversion metrics all should be defined. And then that statistic should be used to provide for quality and meaningful content.


  • A combination of organic search and content help in achieving the goals and helps in search visibility. The impact of the content can be further amplified with the help of social media, which will create a demand which will be later harvested with the help of search.


  • Use the high- ROI content in the form of images, videos and infographics which can provide apt and practical solutions by answering to all the popular questions on the topics that are common and in vogue.


Shift from mobile also to mobile first:


Google made this announcement long back that the searches will become mandatory on  mobiles and the usage of desktop and such stuffs will vanish. And it literally happened in the year 2015. Today 90 percent of the users of mobile phone have an access to internet who search on the Google.

So your brand must be mobile ready and you need to focus on capturing the mobile micro-moments.

How to go about it?


  • Make yourself understand the fact that it is a mobile world. Even a layman uses it and its popularity is not going to decrease in the future at all.


  • You need to provide the users a mobile experience which not just meet their expectations, but goes beyond their expectations or else there is a chance of you losing the revenue you were earning till now.


  • The mobile SEO should be fast and attractive apart from easy to navigate. As per a survey the mobile users leave the site that takes more than three seconds to load.

Shift from local to hyper local:

This shift will make the brand become hyper pertinent and hyper valuable. The option of hyper local gives you the opportunity of reaching people based on their location and it is a very excellent way of capitalising on the “near me” micro moments and become popular.

How to do so?

Make sure that all the important information like the address, phone numbers, working hours, and directions are very clearly mentioned.

You need to optimise your Google My Business Page and create localised landing pages and also monitor the performance of your local keyword rankings.

As per Google, 50 percent of the users who do a local search would land up visiting the place they searched. There by optimising for local also means maximising for users who are on the go.


Smart marketers know that they should make their goals similar to that of the google and for that you should not just know where Google is today, but should be aware of its goal for the next six months or a year and so on and optimise your SEO and attract the organic traffic to your site.

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