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Do you know what’s the most pivotal thing for pay per click campaign or PPC campaign? It’s the keyword research. The better your keyword the more clicks you get. Choosing the best keyword is the reason behind better clicks and conversion rate that you get for your website. So, can you make big bucks without PPC keyword research? The answer is no!

So, let’s start with what is keyword research.

The keyword is that part of marketing strategy which attracts traffic. It’s a bit scientific and a bit creative. Hence, it plays a very crucial role in ranking your website in Google’s SEO algorithm. Now, let’s come to the keyword research part.

Do you buy a phone without reading its user reviews? Of course not. So, what we do? We start researching reviews of that phone on Google and that’s how we make our mind whether or not to buy that phone. Similarly, digital marketers never use a keyword randomly. There are tools to research keywords which show how many times that keyword has been searched on Google. And that is how keyword research begins. It’s that part of marketing where you have to understand the mindset of a customer. You have to understand those specific words that your customers are searching for search box and keyword is the infrastructure of that search.

So, here’s a guide to PPC keyword guide that will definitely help you out to chalk out a better marketing campaign:

  • To begin with: You have to pay attention to the landing pages of your website. Assuming that you have well written and relevant content on your homepage, you have to construct a PPC text ad that influences those keywords that customers are searching on your website.
  • Set your goals: Once you have a well-written page or website, now it’s time to strategize your goals for the campaign. Determine the cost, monthly budget and tentative profits that you might get from that PPC campaign.
  • Make your keyword list: Now that you have your budget in hand, it’s time to start listing the keywords. Remember to use keywords that are relevant to your website because Google SEO skips those websites which use a keyword that is irrelevant to the website content. Your keyword list must contain around 20 to 30 basic keywords that you want to use on your website, to begin with, the campaign.
  • Seeding the keywords: The keyword list that you made is just the beginning. Next, you can use a powerful Keyword research tools that will increase your keyword count from 20 to 200. And that’s important people, not every people will type “Puma shoes” in the search box. Some may type “Shoes from puma brand” too.
  • Analyze your keyword list: To be precise, it’s important to know that not every keyword out of those 200 keywords will be useful. A good keyword research tool will show you a monthly search estimation of each keyword along with its competitiveness for the PPC campaign. The highest competitive keywords are finally your list of keywords that you need to use on your website.


So, this was a little guide for your PPC keyword research. The keyword is as important as your content marketing. Keeping that in context, better keyword will definitely increasing the ranking of your website on SEO algorithm

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