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Have you ever thought how useful PPC advertising is? PPC stands for Pay per click where a website owner pays the publisher to publish their ad. It’s an amazing way to direct traffic to the website. Most SEO experts use this scheme to increase traffic on the websites. But do we all know enough about PPC text ad writing?

Over the years, PPC format has changed a lot. And for being a good marketer, we really have to keep ourselves updated with the latest trends of PPC text ad writing.

PPC ad model:

PPC ad model

PPC ad model is an ideal choice if you are looking for something that can drive traffic to your website through clicks. If your overall purpose is to generate clicks to drive traffic to a destination, you must be willing to read the rest of the part of this blog since it deals with the recent trends of writing PPC text ads.

The evolving change in PPC ads

The digital landscape is continuously changing so is the PPC text writing method. Writing the whole advertisement in just a few characters is a tough work to do. But not that tough if you know the right techniques.

Earlier it was easy to write and upload PPC ads since you only had to set it and forget about it but things have changed now. So, if you want to be a good marketer remember to study the changing strategy, plotting, and systems of digital marketing.

Did you remember writing PPC message for different devices? Google ad word has recently added another feature to the PPC ad writing called the IF function. This function helps the marketer to write different messages for different user devices. Already writing PPC text ads was a headache and this added a phase in pain. However, since Google took this step, reasons are quite apparent.

New trends in writing PPC text ads 2017

New trends in writing PPC text ads 2017

Now, let’s come to the whole point and see what changes Google Ad words have brought in writing PPC text ads.

First is the IF function. The feature has made things complicated but only if you don’t know that it is leading it too. It has enabled writing messages for all devices. The messages might display as two different messages in two different devices. This finally rules out a load of hosting mobile only campaigns or desktop only campaigns.

Earlier writing PPC ad was difficult because each device was required to pay special attention. But now you can easily write one message and use it for all other devices. The function will itself change its commands depending on the device interface.

Another change in writing PPC text ad is due to the campaign mode. About four years ago, the mobile only campaign was the only thing. But thanks to the change in Google Ad word that you no more have to concentrate on mobile only campaigns. Instead, you can now customize your add and keep the track record all other devices.

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