Self-defence for Women in India

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Self-defence has become an important thing to know nowadays, especially for women in India. In India, women have always been treated as a weaker sex and an easy target by men and fraudster. But is that right? Are women really a weaker sex? The answer is no. The real reason behind gender violence and rape cases in India are due to illiteracy of the citizens and lack of self-defence knowledge in women.

How many of us women who are educated and self-independent blow off those eve-teasers who tease us shamelessly? The answer is none and the reason is we lack behind self-defense knowledge. Being able to defend yourself is probably the best thing that we can do for ourselves.

How to build self-defence?

Building self-defence solely depends on the mentality and thinking ability of every individual. Self-defense comes from self-confidence. If you are confident enough to walk across the street alone, you can definitely defend yourself too. The only thing that you need to develop is courage. Courage speaks when you can’t.

However, in India, the crime rate has increased to incredible amount especially gender violence, domestic violence, rape cases and eve teasing. With such alarming rate of crime scenes, women are getting into more trouble. To rule the differences, the Indian government has taken steps to teach women how to defend themselves. Though it has a good step towards women empowerment but crime rate can only decrease when women empowerment in India will be treated as a serious matter and not just as a mere tokenism.

Things women in India can do for self-defence:

Self-defence is a serious matter for women in India. Here are some tips and tricks for women in India for self-defence:

  • Always keep your closest person’s number set as your emergency contact number on your phone.
  • Whenever you take a cab, note the cab number and send it to any of your closest friend, sibling or parents for safety.
  • In cases you are taking a rented cab like Uber or Ola, share the rise with your emergency contact.
  • Keep a buzzer and a peppermint spray ready in your handbag. It is a real time savior.
  • Be on your own and don’t try to help any unknown men on the road who might make you fall into trouble.
  • In case you find any beggar, kid or unknown item lying around on the streets, call the cops instead of trying to figure them yourself.
  • For a better defense background, you can even join a defense class or learn martial arts. They are also real life saviors.

Nowadays, most Indian parents send their daughters to karate, martial arts, and defense classes to teach them the art of self defense, which is in a way a very good decision. But for ruling out the women crime in India, the educated lot of citizens themselves have to take major steps against fraudsters and criminals and give women the respect that they deserve.


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