The curious case of Online Dating

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Nervously, he waited at the bar counter with an eagerness of a teenager. While for Jim, it certainly wasn’t the first date, he couldn’t shrug off the fact that he had agreed to meet upon a total stranger woman whom he met on an online dating site. Waiting withheld breath, he glanced at the door hoping for his mystery woman to appear. Eventually, there she was at the door and they both met for the first time in person. As Jim found out, his date turned out to be exactly what he was hoping for. Welcome to the world of online dating & courtship.

For those of us who belong to the fortunate or unfortunate (depending upon the perspective) domain of singlehood, it can’t be denied that that online dating has turned out to be the biggest phenomena since the evolution of smartphones. The plethora of apps on our phones has made this whole “asking out” experience a complete painless exercise. There is no longer the feeling of rejection, nor the fear of getting turned down by a girl in a place full of people. Man, we have moved on from the yesteryears of romance. The flowers and cards have been replaced by emoji while we try to navigate tirelessly through the myriad of profiles on the online dating community.

In a day when the romanticism has taken the backseat, one can’t put all the blame on the online dating technology. Need is the motherhood of all inventions and so is in this case. The race that each one of us run every day leaves us too exhausted to put on a happy face and go out in the evening looking for that perfect partner. The overall result being that today’s dating community prefers to order a takeout, put on a sitcom and swipe right/left on the phones during commercials. No longer is the case when a guy sees a girl in a bar and buys her a drink on his already maxed out credit card. There are no more crazy stories of how a boy asked a girl out, rather more of how much percent compatible they showed per the match making website.  It is not that one can find true love through online dating. As it happened in Jim’s case, he did find his ideal date. The important thing worth delving is “are we becoming dependent on the technology to find ways to talk to a person whom we like?” Isn’t technology supposed to help us talk and not take away the power of human communication. It might sound old school but online dating takes away the charm of dating.

The most important question, however, is “is it really worth it?”. I mean isn’t dating supposed to be fun, with the exchanged smiles, stealing glances, hoping for that perfect “occasion” to ask him/her out. The nervousness and the shyness that makes us so vulnerable in front of the other person is what dating is all about. A transcendental stage where your love interest is all that matters to you amidst all the haze of love and despair. That’s what makes it so special, so tender, so fragile and so human! With that note, people should think themselves on whether they would go for the convenience or that giddy feeling in their stomach when they see their crush.


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