Man of steel- Andrew Carnegie

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America has always surprised us with continuous creation of industrialists, entrepreneurs, business men and other creative people who are worth following. All of them belonged from middle class families but turned their classes into a wealthy gold box in a course of very short time. Is it really America producing such creative minds or are these creative minds are born to rule the world?

Talking about American business persons and entrepreneurs, one more name got added to the list when the steel industry saw the upcoming of a great American tycoon face- Mr. Andrew Carnegie. He is known as the steel tycoon of the twentieth century America.

Andrew Carnegie- background check:

Andrew Carnegie is a self made man. He belonged from a middle class American family and became one of the wealthiest men in America after becoming the steel tycoon and industrialist of the country. He is not just a business tycoon but also a business leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and a famous American face.

Andrew Carnegie is a Scottish-American industrial who was born on November 25, 1835 in United Kingdom (UK). Carnegie’s childhood was lost in minimal formal education but his family was the sole believer of books and learning phase. Andrew Carnegie’s father was a handloom weaver. Thus he belonged from a very middle class, learning oriented family in United Kingdom.

Upbringing phase of Andrew Carnegie:

Andrew Carnegie had a very miserable childhood. Due to financial issues, Carnegie and his family moved in to Allegheny, Pennsylvania in United States of America. At a very young age of just 13, Andrew had to work in a factory where he earned $1.20 per week to support his family. Later, at the age of 15, Andrew started to work as a telegraph messenger. Finally some golden lining showed up when he bagged a little money oriented job at the Railroad in 1853. Andrew continued to work as a messenger and assistant for Thomas Scott who was one of the higher officials of Railroads.

Andrew’s job at the Railroad made him learn about the railroad industry and general phases of business which made a bright future for him.

Success behind Andrew Carnegie:

Andrew Carnegie continued to work at the Railroad as a superintendent once he was promoted. But the poor man was never satisfied with paid job, rather he was more interesting in paying people for getting his job done.

With this positive attitude and hard work, Andrew Carnegie started to make investments while he was already working at the Railroads. With some major saving and investments, Andrew finally left his job at Railroad in 1865 and focus on his business career. And in just a decade, Andrew Carnegie became a well known name in the steel industry.

He founded his own steel company named Carnegie Steel Company which brought a revolution in steel production in USA. He started building steel plants all across the world. He used different advanced technologies and manufacturing methods to increase his production.

In just no time Andrew Carnegie became the first Scottish-American steel tycoon who won the world with his self made business skills. Carnegie died in 1919 with more than $700 million net worth in pocket.

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