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We all start up a business thinking that we are going to get so rich that we ll be listed in the top ten richest people of the world, okay! Not everyone but I would surely start up a business to earn a lot of money in a very little time. Sound lame? Well if you work hard then in a very little time you would be able to have a great setup and that will give you a lot of profits. There can be many things that can speed up your business growth, but here are some that I have noted down for you …………….

1. HIRE THE RIGHT PEOPLE:the first thing you want to do for yourself is to hire people who know exactly what they are doing and not spend a ton of money training them to work the way you want them to.

2. FOCUS ON ESTABLISHED REVENUE SOURCES:instead of focusing on gaining new customers try to focus on the customers that you already have and then work with them to make them have a better experience and to make them stay. Try to establish loyalty programs or something that can help the old customers stick with your company.

3. REDUCE THE RISKS:as a start-up it is not possible for you to have no risks at all, but then try not to take risks that are not under your control or that can actually cost you a fortune if something goes wrong. People say confidence is a good thing but overconfidence is something that you should not have.

4. BE ADAPTABLE:to become a successful start-up it is very important that you are open to changes. A successful business is what is open to change anytime and at any point when it is required in the market. The market changes quite a few times a year, and you should be flexible enough to change with it.

5. FOCUS ON YOUR CUTOMER EXPERIENCE: you can have a business when there are customers, may they be direct or indirect, so the most important thing to do is to have customers that arehappy with whatever you are providing them with. Because the word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement you can have. So concentrate on making your customers happy.

6. INVEST IN YOURSELF:in the initial stage of your start-up, you will not see a lot of profits and the ones you see will be very little so focus on investing them back in your company so that it adds up to the growth of the company and this will surely help you a lot.

7. ALWAYS THINK AHEAD:when you start a new business, you should always have plans ready with your, for any situation that may come up. So it may be a profit or a loss you must have everything planned. This is one thing that will make you a very happy person in life. Plan everything you do. May it be positive or negative.

Rajat Menon is an aspiring software engineer whose diligent and ambitious nature helps him to rise in his professional career.Fitness,food and adventure have always been on top of his list.With his communication skills,attracting and connecting with people is a piece of cake for him.He aims towards the sky and lives the most of everything in life.

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