Top 5 Tips for Link Building with Real Time Penguins in 2017

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For many years, link building has been overlooked, saying that the SEO marketers already know enough about link building and its process. But the bigger doubt is, does really the experts know the importance of link building with real-time SEO version? Coming to the context, linking building is really very important. It is as important as the content marketing and development. Now you can well know how important it is. Link building has been given prime importance by Google and Google has already declared link building as the #1 ranking factors for a website. Here are top 5 tips for link building with a real-time penguin in 2017:


1. Build a good content holding blog:

Starting a blog is an excellent way for link building, especially with real time Penguin in the house of 2017. The formula is not only to create a blog but also to keep it alive by posting blog posts regularly. You miss a day and a sudden fall off your website is very specific. On the other hand, if you post relevant content on your blog on a daily basis which is SEO optimized, relevant to your product or brand and is well structured there are higher chances that you might get your blog authorized by Google and get a good ranking.


2. Allow guest posts on your blogs or write guest posts on other blogs:

Writing a guest post on Google authorized blogs and website is another good way to build links. Write a guest post about your work and services on blogs that are relevant to your links. Get them published and soon that will positively affect your website. But be sure that your content is real and well structured.


3. List your website only on trustworthy directories:

Use online directories that give your ample amount of chance to get your website link published on other blogs and website. You seriously won’t want to publish your website links on online directories that have been removed by Google authority because that can negatively affect your website reputation. So, find directories that are authorized by Google and are trustful enough to publish your website link.


4. Request for backlinks on your website:

Asking backlinks from blogs and website that are relevant to your website content is another excellent way to build links for your website. This is a very good formula for beginners and preferably the easiest one. All you need to do is to ask backlinks on blogs and website that are relevant to your website content and publish backlinks inside blog posts rather than on the side footers or headers.


5. Testimonial link building:

Testimonial link building is the excellent link building process. There are some businesses which ask you to write few links about their services and products like a review. While you write their reviews, you can easily get backlinks on their blogs and website. But again, make sure that those blogs and websites are Google authorized otherwise it is not at all a useful one to do.

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