Top 7 SEO Blogs You Should Start Following Today

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Today just holding to a MBA degree in marketing will not help you achieve everything you want. Along with the degree, you must also have the knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, keyword formation and may be. In short, content strategy and digital marketing are interlinked with each other and what connects everything together is SEO. Hence for being a good marketer, you must also be a good SEO expert and for being a good SEO expert you must be aware of all the changes that are continuously happening in the SEO world.

One of the best ways to stay in touch with the changing aspects of SEO is to read SEO blogs, those blogs which contain relevant information about all those trends. So, here is a list of top 7 SEO blogs that you should start following from today itself:

  1. Hubspot:


Hubspot is one of the oldest SEO blog that you must follow. Over the years, the website has fetched millions of viewers on a daily basis. The conversational tone of the articles on this website is the key feature of its high traffic. All the blogs on HubSpot are related to SEO and its changing trends.

  1. Google webmaster central:

Are you looking for a blog from where you can learn how to run your own blog? Then Google webmaster central is the ultimate solution for you. You can learn new trends of blogging from this website.

  1. Search engine journal:

Search engine journal is one of the best SEO blog. The blog works on guest posts so if you are a good blogger you can even write for them. One of the best feature of this blog is that it covers a versatile genre of SEO articles that are not only crowd attracting but also conversational in tone.

  1. Yoast:

Most of us are known Yoast as a WordPress optimisation tool that helps one to add Meta tags, focus keywords snippets etc but Yoast is also one of the most popular SEO blog. It deals with blog posts of different genres like content management, SEO generation, keyword optimisation and so on.

  1. SEO Book:

If you have searched for SEO blogs online, you must have come across SEO Book blog. It is a blog that was founded in 2003 to teach people about SEO and its usage. Since then, SEO Book posts different blogs on SEO marketing, content strategy, keyword usage etc and attracts more than million viewers each day.

  1. Quick Sprout:

Neil Patel’s quick sprout blog on SEO drives millions of traffic every day. It is indeed one of the best blog to learn about SEO and its importance in digital marketing. You will definitely find this blog very useful if you want to learn more about SEO.

  1. Clickz:

Clickz is the blog that you must read if you have your own blog because it will help you to stay updated with the changing trends of SEO. You will also learn lot of SEO methods from Clickz blog. They even host events and seminars so that you can keep a hold on the SEO trends.

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