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Gulf region is generally known for oil reserves carrying out several functions. Operations like extraction, purification and refining generating thousands of opportunities every year for large number of job seekers. In the past gulf region was mostly into oil extraction, purification, refining and many other activities which was the main source of generating revenues. With the passage of time they started diverting their revenues into other sectors to create more sources of income. This would directly or indirectly boost the economy of the entire gulf region which in turn increases the number of jobs in Gulf in different sectors. Mixture of modernity and technology which is spreading and establishing its roots in every part of the world and Gulf region is the one of the perfect example to showcase its growth and advancement.

Bright career of expats in different sectors

Apart from career in oil industry the region holds very bright future for highly qualified professionals like

  • Doctors
  • IT professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Jobs in hotel industry
  • Hospitality sector
  • Teachers etc.

Educational qualifications vary with professions but there are common reasons shared by most of the expats which are tax free salary, affordable accommodation etc. but the top most reason is attractive salary offered to them.

Correct approach to find job

Candidates have different methods or ways to find jobs in Gulf region. The steps are as follows

  • In some cases word of mouth also proves to be helpful and fruitful to the job seekers. References help a lot on getting job especially if you are a fresher but this is not possible for every person, in that case job portals help candidates or job seekers in getting job considering other factors in mind like locations, skills
  • Prepare your CV/resume
  • Highlight your skills, educational qualifications, strengths etc. on the CV/resume
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest ongoing vacancies
  • Register on different job portals like Monstergulf, Indeed, LinkedIn etc for free keep your profile updated to increase your chances of getting selected by the potential employers
  • Start your job search and get job of your choice.

Reasons for choosing Gulf as a destination for work

  • Tax free
    • Crime rate is very less when compared  with other countries i.e. the gulf region is comparatively safe live in
    • Great weather all year round with hot summer and cool winters
    • Superb quality of living
    • Multicultural, offering freedom to people of different religions
  • No language barrier as English is common language spoken widely in the gulf region
  • Perfect for people who love travelling and want to explore new parts of the world
  • If you wish to own a car then petrol car offers great deal to the customers, reason being petrol in Gulf is comparatively less as compared to other countries
  • Luxurious lifestyle offered to the residents
  • Hubs of different industry like IT, hotel industry and many more
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Education and healthcare facilities are affordable.

The above mentioned points cover almost all reasons which make it perfect location for doing jobs in Gulf region

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