Tough H-1B visa norms and how it can be a blessing in disguise for India?

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Results described tough H-1B visa norms as a blessing in disguise for India since skilled Indian

workers will not get back to the country for their own lands development.

With the entry of new President Donald Trump, in the United States of America, issues have been in

the air with the revision and regulation of America’s visa policies. For decades, skilled workers from

India, China, Mexico, and Bangladesh worked in the US with H-1B visas provided by their employers.

H-1B visas can be described as corporate working visas for non-Americans to work and live in

America. 4 out of every 10 non-American citizens, who came to America under H-1B visa, ended up

getting a green card. Though it has been a positive strategy for the American

economy, many non-immigrant supporters were against this petition. They were of the opinion that

non- American skilled workers are taking away jobs from the hands of an American citizen.

How H-1B visa norms can be a blessing for India:

Ever since the H-1B visa was introduced, the American multinational companies hired more and

more non-American employees, especially from India and China. The reason is simple. These

companies were of the opinion that Indian and Chinese engineers are much more skilled and

efficient than ones who stayed and studied in American. They have a better idea and managerial

skills. Moreover, hiring Indian and Chinese employees was cost effective.

After many surveys, it was unveiled that the employees from India and China get a wholesome opportunity to work and live in the IT and Entrepreneurship hub of the world. They were underpaid and were not treated equally to the American employees. Observing this, President Donald Trump chalked out revised H-1b visa norms which state:

1.) Doubling the minimum wages of H-1B visa holders to $130,000 yearly.

2.) 20% of the visas are reserved for start-up and small-scale business employers.

3.) Equal distribution of H-1B visas for all countries.

4.) Companies hiring employees under H-1B visa must first fulfill their requirement by hiring

American employees.

5.) Bring non-American employees to American for a temporary period only and return them

back to their country as soon as the project is completed.

Coming to the point, now that H-1B visa norms are revised and supposedly made tough, India gets

an opportunity to reach to its citizen and find them work that they deserve. Here are some reasons

why this is a blessing for India:

1.) People will lose onsite opportunities. Even if the cap strength is not reduced; companies will be reluctant to send people on H1B with such a hefty minimum salary. So people will be looking back at India for all opportunities. It would be a boost to our Digital India dream. Also it would boost the nascent startup culture in India.

2.) It would stop the skill drain from India. People travel USA and are fascinated by the plethora of opportunities abroad. They settle down in US and thus every year India lose thousands of skilled labour.

3.) Also it will be removing the H1B cap exempt on students. Yes finally. Students may have to stay back and contribute to India’s cause. May be finally we will have Pichais, Nadellas and Nooyis in India. ( Given that the hackney education system needs to be revised too. ) India will definitely gain a lot in retaining tallents back home.

May be Trump has played one of the best Trump card for India in recent time !

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