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Every year the quota gets refreshed in June, so thinking about this the question may arise what is the right time to apply for Australian Visa. But, it is correctly said that there is no best time to apply for Australian Visa. It’s now or never at all times. Rules will be rather strict sooner or later. So, you should apply as soon as possible. It’s extremely uncommon that you are going to be profited if you postpone the procedure.

The persons that greatly seek to relocate to Australia are surprised to see daily changing rules of Australian visa and immigration process. The craze to make immigration rules stricter, as begun by US President Donald Trump at the start of this year, is pursued by the Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull in the last few months.

Considering new Australia Immigration changes, it is proper time to engage a registered migration agent to apply for visa and the best thing will be to contact MIGRATION AGENT PERTH by email or phone.

How to cope with Australian Immigration procedure with recent changes

Though Australian Immigration procedure is not so tough, yet it is enormouswith respect to visa types and related guiding principles for the comprehension of an ordinary person.

Thus, lots of applicants of Australian visa are yet to work out the impending influence of immigration and visa changes as proclaimed by the government of Australia in April 2017. Therefore, if you intend to apply for an Australian visa, you need to manage with a reliable Australian Visa Consultancy Service to understand and abide by the newest changes in immigration rules and guidelines. Therefore, let us catch on the effect of new Australia immigration changes and ways a consultant of Visa can assist you in moving to Australia under present immigration situation.

Elimination of temporary work visa

Recently, Australia has eliminated 457-visa schedule for temporary overseas skilled workers. By means of this visa the foreign skilled workers could stay and work in Australia for a duration up to 4 years. This visa has been replaced by Australian government with two categories of new temporary work visa, that is, for two years and four years respectively. But, the majority of aspirants of Australian visa are still not able to know about the particulars of the new categories of visa, that is, the date for these visas to be active and the application process for them.

Renaming of skilled occupation lists

Immigration Australia has made another vital change. 200 occupations have been slashed by the government from the standard high demand Australian list of skilled occupation. Furthermore, replacing old lists SOL and CSOL, Australian government has introduced two new lists of occupations – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations. The effect of these is still not distinct to lots of visa aspirants.

Thus, to get synchronized with all the newest updates and to lodge application for the appropriate visa to seize the approval in step, you need to get help from a reliable Australian Visa Consultancy Agency.

If you are engaging an Australian Visa Consultancy Agency, please get in touch with ISA Migrations. They can provide significant help to aspirants of Australian visaevery time.

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