What really happened in Syria?

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Ever since the beginning of 2011, Syria has been under a constant voltage war between the people who are against the country’s government and people who are on the side of the country’s government. To begin with, Syria is a middle-east Islamic country situated at the south of Iraq. Ever since its discovery, Islam has ruled and lived in the land of Syria.

Beginning of the war

Gradually, the citizens of Syria started to get drifted away in two parts and all due to the country government. It spread in the media that in 2011, the government of Syria under the rule of President Bashar-al-Assad arrested 15 school kids who were caught writing dirty graffiti on the walls of the street. On the order of the President of Syria, those kids were not only arrested but were also tortured by the government officials. Amid this, the citizens of Syria started protesting against this mishap. However, not all of them were involved in the protest. Hence, the country got divided into two groups- one which supported the government and the other who were against the government decisions. The protesting group didn’t ask much from the government but only greater freedom and mental peace. However, the war continued and till today the country is fighting among its citizens. Gradually the war has turned into a Civil War which is hard to control now.

Involvement of the third party:

The Syria civil war was within the country’s premises until the third party introduced themselves into the country. The crisis in Syria became more than a war when the Islamic State involved themselves with the rebel fighters of the country. The IS organization is known as the third party interference in the six years long Syria Civil war. In the year 2014, the IS organization captured a large part of Iraq and gradually started to enter Syria. Both the Syrian government and the rebel fighters are fighting for freedom against IS organization but none of them have any plans of tie-ups for a better intellect fight.

About IS organization

IS organization or Islamic state organization is a state military organization who has extremely violent views. They are very strict with their violent views and never tolerate anybody who is against their thinking and views. Already they have prosecuted the Christians and Yazidis from their country, thus making their violence more prominent.

In 2014, after capturing major parts of Iraq, they moved towards the eastern part of Syria during the chaos of the Civil War. Gradually they got melted into the country premises and started capturing men and power of the country. To fight the IS, the US government sent airstrikes in the year 2014.


The impact of the war is devastating. Most of the ordinary habitats of Syria escaped Syria in order to find security and peace for their family. Most of the inhabitants of Syria have fled off to Jordon, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq. Children have stopped going to school in fear of being killed. In short, the consequences of this war in Syria are already heavy enough to destroy the entire civilization of the country.


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