What to Ask when Applying for Child Care Facilities?

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The childcare services are enjoying huge demand these days with large number of working mothers. There are majority of Australian parents. You may want to decide whether to enroll your child to day care facility. It is very important to choose the right facility and the professional who has done certificate 3 in childcare Perth.


You should consider the number of hours per day, fees and benefits of facility, and your entitlements to the rebates provided by government. The career to child ratio is another important consideration. The new regulations need an early childcare professional to work for every four children. Also consider the lunch options for children and education opportunities for children. You also need to consider the qualifications of staff. According to New NQF regulations, employees should have at least certificate 3 or half of the staff should work or hold diploma in childcare.


You can find different child care options, such as long term, family, in-home, occasional, and outside school hours.


Long Day Care

These types of facilities are very common these days. These facilities are known to operate from 7:30am to 6:00pm and children are categorized into various development stages and aged groups. A lot of centers have complete education segment for kids. In the child care sector, the government has raised the quality standards by increasing requirements of staff qualification and teacher-to-child ratios.


These types of day care centers are operated by companies, local councils, individuals, community organizations, and non-profit organization. Virtually every facility meets the criteria of government child care rebate as well as childcare benefits.


Occasional Care

Occasional care is well suited to the ones who are looking for casual care. This care option is best for the ones who can work for short term or for flexible hours to cover the period of appointment.


Outside School Hour Care

In general, outside school hours facilities are designed well for school aged kids who need care at the limited time schedule. They also include care on off hours and school holidays. Most of the centers operate activities during the period of vacation for returning students and they are usually based on nearest schools.


Family Day Care

In family day care, an early childhood professional is assigned to care for the kids at their home. These care professionals are flexible in working hours and regulated according to territory laws and state laws. Some of the facilities provide overnight and late night facilities that are best suited for parents working in ‘on call’ professionals.


At Home Care

Professional assistance is provided in home care facilities. Though this option is not popular widely because of lack of availability, children in rural areas can easily benefit with this program.


To ensure providing the best care to the families in need, the priority access guidelines have been directed by the Australian government. Virtually, all the child care centers have their own waiting lists. So, it is vital to plan in advance to ensure your child to get placement at the ideal facilities for your needs.

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