What to Ask When Looking for Certificate 3 in Child Care?

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With the large number of working moms, the children care services are on demand in Australia more than before. Like most of the Australian parents, you may have come across various decisions of whether you want to place your kids in day care. It is very important to choose the right facility and for convenience, we have listed several other options that are offered to the parents these days.

You will have to ask yourself and consider these things –

  • Number of hours required per day.
  • Your entitlements to the childcare rebates or the daily fees and benefits of facilities
  • As per the new regulations by the National Quality Framework, the child care professional should have four toddlers to care for. So, also look for career to child ratio.
  • Lunch options that are offered at the centers
  • Educational opportunities provided to the child
  • Qualifications of your staff (according to new NQF regulations, employees should hold at least certificate 3 in childcare Perthand half of the staff should hold at least or work towards their diploma)

There are different childcare options out there, such as –

  • Family
  • Long-term
  • Occasional
  • In-home
  • Outside school hours


There are long day care facilities which are widely offered. They usually operate from morning to the evening. Here, children are categorized into age groups as well as growth stages. Most of the day care centers provide a complete education for children. The reforms by the NQF for the child care center will look after the quality standards that are raised through great staff qualification needs as well as teacher to child ratios. These types of day care centers are usually run by companies, local councils, individuals, community organizations, as well as non-profit ones. Almost all the facilities are known to meet the child care benefit and rebate criteria of the government.

Family Day Care

Family day care is something where early childhood care is provided in their home. These types of facilities are flexible to the hours and are regulated personally as per the territory and state laws. Some of the facilities also provide overnight and late night care that is suited for parents who are on call professionals.

Outside School Hours

These types of facilities are usually for those who need care outside school hours like 7:30 am to 9am, and 3pm to 6pm. They also provide care on holiday periods. Most of the centers run activities in vacation period for the students and they are usually located near the schools.

In-home care

It is usually the professional care offered at your home. It is not a popular option because of its lack of availability. In general, children who are disabled and in rural areas can benefit from this service.

Occasional Care

Occasional care is suitable for the ones who are looking for casual care. It is best suited to those who work during flexible hours and for short term to cover the period of appointment.

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