What Types Of Bathroom Sinks Are Available?

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Bathrooms are never complete without having bathroom sinks. These sinks are also called wash basins and can be used for teeth brushing or for washing hands after using the toilet.They are made with different materials including ceramics, vitreous china, PVC, etc.

The Common Types

There are a variety of bathroom sinks available in both offline or online stores with different specifications and prices. In shopping for them, it is important to consider durability, aesthetics, efficiency, functionality, and of course, price. The common types include:

  • The Pedestal Sink

    This type of sink is a freestanding sink that sits on a column that runs to the floor from the base of the sink. Most of the different designs of pedestal sinks are made with high quality materials that the home owner or bathroom decorator is proud to showcase. They do not usually come as a vanity set.

  • The Wall Hung Sink

    This type of sink is used primarily for its ability to save space. It is usually fixed on the bathroom wall using screws. It is important that they should not be too heavy as using screws to carry heavy weights for long periods of time will not be wise.

  • The Self Rimming Sink

    This type of sink is also known as the Drop In sink. They are usually installed on counter tops and are considered to be the most easy to install type as they come with rolled and finished rims that enable them stay securely in place above the countertop. They are also considered as a good choice by both home owners and bathroom decorators as they can easily be replaced without affecting the countertop. They can also be manufactured using any of the above materials and so can be used in a variety of bathroom types and themes.

  • The Undermount Sink

    This type of sink is usually high-profile and is usually fixed under a countertop with solid surface. A customised hole is usually cut on the countertop to accommodate the girth of the sink. It can be installed on marble, granite, or even concrete. One major disadvantage of Undermount Sinks is that they cannot be easily replaced since they are customised.

  • The Vessel Sink

    This type of sink is usually installed on top of a vanity counter in a way that its base aligns and sits comfortably on the countertop. In installing them, some space should be left above the countertop. This is known as a partially recessed installation. The materials for manufacturing them include stone, glass, ceramics, etc.

  • The Console Sink

    This type of sink is usually wall mounted and sits on two or four legs that support it. The supply lines and plumbing drainsare usually left exposed. This sink is usually favoured by people that like vintage or traditional designs and themes which the supporting legs portray. The aesthetic appeal can be improved by blending the colour of the material with the faucet.

  • Vanity Bathroom Tops

    These types of sinks are baseless and are built in on one-piece countertops. The base can be purchased separately. In installing them, it is important to leave a one inch space between the top and the vanity to create a little overhang.

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