Why do You need to Update Your Link Building Strategy in 2017?

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Have you heard of link building? Of course, you must have if you are SEO expert. After all, it’s not anything new in the market. Link building strategy is that marketing strategy which not only fetches you more conversion rate and traffic but also makes your website more trustworthy for Google to search and trust. It is true that link building strategy helps your website to get acknowledged by Google Search Engine. Plus, it also helps your website to build backlinks that are really crucial for your website promotion.

We all know how important link building is. Over the years, Link building strategy has been categorized as the #1 ranking factor of your website after putting enough emphasis on content development and strategy. Now, the question is why we need to update our link building strategy this year? The answer is simple. It is due to the changing trends of Google algorithm. There are other reasons attached to:

  1. Real-time Penguin is in vogue:

With real-time penguin SEO search in market, Google algorithm has been changed a lot in past few years. At one point it became difficult to cope up with it. But gradually with time, when Penguin became more familiar, it became evident that along with several other changes, the website owners has to change the link building strategy for their website since it has brought a lot to changes in that phase too.

  1. To get recognized without much effort:

It is true that, with changing trends of SEO by Google, it has become important to change marketing strategy so that you can easily get recognized by Google. A vast fall off and fall on ahs been noticed every time, Google makes a change in its Algorithm search. So, if you want your website to get recognized by Google easily, you really have to improvise on your link building strategy this year and only then you can fetch that top rank in the SEO marketing.

  1. Better conversion rate:

The conversion rate is very important for any website or blog. And link building enables you to do that. Better link building strategy provides you better backlinks on your website. Backlinks are an important source of a trust factor for Google but only if you fetch good backlinks and not the bad ones. Hence, it consequently helps you to fetch better ranking and conversion rate for your website. Better conversion rate surely enables you to do better business in future.

  1. Attracting traffic:

If you think that you will create a link building strategy for your website and use that for a lifetime, you are absolutely wrong on your counterpart. You have to continuously rebuild and improve your link building strategy so that it can actually work positively for your website. And one of the reasons why you need to improve your link building strategy this year is because it will fetch you more traffic by creating effective backlinks on your website.

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