Why is Email Marketing Not a Good Idea for Small Business?

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We have always heard enough about email marketing and its blindfold merits and demerits. Email marketing has always been the savior for marketers. But what we don’t know about email marketing is that though email marketing is an effective way to market your brand or product, it’s anyway not a good idea for start-ups or small scale businesses. The reasons are quite clear but still, we need to discuss and debate a lot about the reasons why email marketing is not a god idea for small scale businesses. So, here are few reasons to show you why:

  1. Customers won’t try you at first go

Being a marketer, you have to think about your consumers and consumer demands. You have well predicted about their needs in advance so that you can be the one to provide them solutions. But how can that be possible if you’re targeted customers don’t know how to trust you. Being a small business, you don’t have that much of coverage to cover up your entire blindfolds targeted consumers or audience. Hence, it just becomes wastage of time when you end you publicizing your business through email marketing. Why do you think customers will trust you if they don’t know about you and your company?


  1. It is time-consuming

Email marketing is not a time-consuming matter for large business empires but definitely, it is time-consuming for you being a small business empire. Since you have a small scale business, you need to focus more on the products you are trying to sale. You also have to think more strategies to publicize your brand and make them trustworthy for the customers. Basically, you have a lot to do on your list and at this time of the business market, you really can’t afford to create emails for email marketing.

  1. Data privacy is increasing in volume

Remember we have a spam box in our email accounts? Google is continuously increasing its data protection and privacy rate and with this in the market, it’s tough for a small business to publicize themselves through email marketing because there are high chances that if you can’t raise the bar of your data protection limitation, your contents may be blocked by the sourcing website. And you definitely won’t like that to happen.

  1. Customers only pay attention to brands that are well-known

We always have a tendency to trust brands that are well-known, precisely the brands that we see in hoardings and television ads. Being a small scale business owner you don’t have that kind of a liberty that large business empire has. Hence, there are high chances that people won’t even read your emails. And that is a loss of targeted audience and loss of traffic on your website or an e-commerce site or even offline shop. So, you better concentrate on large-scale publication and then on small scale targeted publication like email marketing.

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